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  • Vinylz Art Wall Quote - Janis Joplin - .to Be True to Myself, to Be The Person That was on The Inside of Me, and Not Play Games. That's What I'm Trying to Do Mostly in The Whole World,

    This is a canvas poster. It is probably the most unique poster you will ever see. The material is a coated polyester fabric canvas which brings out vibrant color and image definition. Flame retardant treatment with mildew and UV resistance makes this the perfect choice for all Vinylz Poster Art.
    To Be True To Myself Janis Joplin Quote

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    • ASIN: B00CTNHH6G
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  • Personnel: Lal Waterson, Maria Gilhooley (vocals); Oliver Knight (guitar); Jody Stecher (mandolin); Chopper (cello).Although Lal Waterson's recording career stretches back to the '60s, and has subsequently seen remarkable collaborations with sister Norma (A TRUE HEARTED GIRL) and brother Mike (BRIGHT PHOEBUS), greatest acclaim came in 1996 with ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, her first collaboration with son Oliver Knight. Sessions for its successor were cut short by Lal's death. Rather like the posthumous Janis Joplin album PEARL, A BED OF ROSES had to be completed after the singer's demise. This probably explains the inclusion of two instrumentals by Knight and the reappearance of a song from the previous album ("At First She Starts"), albeit in a radically different, solo rendition.A BED OF ROSES can't hope to have the impact of its predecessor, but listeners hoping for more in the same vein won't be disappointed. Lal's voice and lyrics remain remarkable. Accompaniment is sparse. Maria Gilhooley harmonises on Ewan MacColl's "Just a Note." Charles O'Connor's strings enhance "Foolish One." Mandolin, cello, trombone, and saxophone make one-off appearances. Most often the only accompaniment is the limpid resonance of Oliver Knight's guitar and Lal's own occasional vocal harmonies. A BED OF ROSES is tinged with the poignant knowledge that Lal's voice and pen have been stilled.

    Waterson/Knight - Bed Of Roses (CD NEW)Label: Topic (Uk)Format: CDRelease Date: 22 Jun 1999No. of Discs: 1UPC: 714822050524Album Tracks1. Memories2. Foolish One3. Just A Note4. Columbine5. At First She Starts6. Bath Time7. Train To Bay8. Long Vacation9. Party Games10. Together11. Migrating Bird12.
    To Be True To Myself Janis Joplin Quote
    Music : BED OF ROSES

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  • Wall Quote - JANIS JOPLIN - true to myself, to be the person that was on

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    To Be True To Myself Janis Joplin Quote
    Release by the Estate of Nina Simone: "Freedom" Recording session: Documentary, excerpt from "Nina: An Historical Perspective" by Peter Rodis
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    To Be True To Myself Janis Joplin Quote
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    To Be True To Myself Janis Joplin Quote
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