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    Featuring the second installment of the Driftwood Mysteries, "Eye of Newt," the compelling epilogue to the novel, Seal of SecretsWhat happens when:* A college professor uses his knowledge of biology to plot the perfect murder?* A woman retrieves the childhood memories of her mother's murder?* A prominent scientist is hired to translate an ancient document that will change the history of the world?* A man is forced to relive the worst moments of his life?* A father must prevent his Gestapo daughter from betraying his Jewish wife?* A dying WWII veteran reveals what really happened when he was shot down behind enemy lines?* A discontented man su...
    The Secret Of The Yellow Death Summary

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  • Secret of the Yellow Death : A True Story of Medical Sleuthing

    A riveting medical detective drama about an truly extraordinary discovery, illustrated with archival images, written by an award-winning author of
    The Secret Of The Yellow Death Summary
    Red oozes from the patient's gums. He has a rushing headache and the whites of his eyes look like lemons. He will likely die within days.Here is the true story of how four Americans and one Cuban tracked down a killer, one of the world's most vicious plagues: yellow fever. Set in fever-stricken Cuba, this book allows the reader to feel the heavy air, smell the stench of disease, hears the whine of mosquitoes biting human volunteers during the surreal experiments. Exploring themes of courage, cooperation, and the ethics of human experimentation, this gripping account is ultimately a story of

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  • The Secret of the Yellow Death - Audiobook

    In the summer of 1899, U.S. forces in Cuba discover the island is rampant with Yellow Fever. So the U.S. government sends a group of four elite Army doctors headed by Dr. Walter Reed to determine what is causing the outbreak. Working against the clock as more lives are claimed, the doctors investigate the theory that mosquitoes might be spreading the disease. During their experiments, two of the doctors contract Yellow Fever, and one actually dies. As the pressure intensifies, Reed obtains additional funding to conduct targeted experiments-and proves a theory with little previous support in the scientific community. In
    The Secret Of The Yellow Death Summary
    The Secret of the Yellow Death - Audiobook

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    The Secret Of The Yellow Death Summary
    own nothing, this is a tribute for the show How I met your mother. I have no intention at all to make profit from this video. Because there aren't videos that show the foreshadowing of the mother'...
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    Marvel's Venom Ending EXPLAINED

    The Secret Of The Yellow Death Summary
    The ending and post-credit scene of the Marvel Venom movie explained. SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: There’s a lot to love about the new Venom movie, but if you stuck aro...
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    Kirito (Sword Art Online): The Story You Never Knew

    The Secret Of The Yellow Death Summary
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