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  • Iron Man 2

    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man

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  • God's Not Dead

    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man

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  • Sacred Rest : Finding the Sabbath in the Everyday

    Discover the soul-soothing peace of rest as God designed it to be. Sacred Rest: Finding the Sabbath in Every Day offers insight, prayers, and exercises to help you practice steps to a life that is rich and at ease. One hundred devotions interspersed with prayers and Scripture verses will be welcome relief in our stressed and overwhelmed
    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man
    If only there were more hours in a day . . .Your to-do list is beyond taming, and your commitments are unavoidable. How could you allow yourself to rest in busy times like these? What would rest even look like in your life?Author Cheryl Wunderlich knows these questions well. After years caught up in the whirlwind of family life, motherhood, work, and ministry, she couldn't imagine allowing rest for herself--until cancer forced her to stop. In her crushing battle with exhaustion, she began to hear God's still, small voice inviting her to hope, be restored, and to find deep soul-quenching

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  • Iron Man : My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath

    Here is the memoir of one of the great musicians of our time, a Grammy] Award-winning revolutionary guitarist, co-founding member of Black Sabbath, and architect of heavy
    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man
    The New York Times bestselling autobiography by the lead guitarist of Black Sabbath and the architect of heavy metalIron Man chronicles the story of both pioneering guitarist Tony Iommi and legendary band Black Sabbath, dubbed "The Beatles of heavy metal" by Rolling Stone. Iron Man reveals the man behind the icon yet still captures Iommi's humor, intelligence, and warmth. He speaks honestly and unflinchingly about his rough-and-tumble childhood, the accident that almost ended his career, his failed marriages, personal tragedies, battles with addiction, band mates, famous friends, newfound daughter, and the ups and downs of his life as an artist.

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  • IRON MAN : Best of Black Sabbath (CD)

    Best Of
    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man
    IRON MAN : Best of Black Sabbath (CD)

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  • This Day : Sabbath Poems Collected and New 1979-20013

    Collects a series of poems that reflect upon the life, nature, politics, and spiritual longing.
    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man
    This Day

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  • Rest Assured: Seven Days to Stillness, Sanity and the Sabbath You Need - eBook

    True rest is something that we all desperately need but can’t seem to find–not just physical rest but rest for our souls. In the words of the early church father, Augustine of Hippo, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”Because true rest can only be found in a relationship with God.As you step into this seven-day journey, you will learn to establish a rhythm of rest and live from that place of peace, joy, fulfillment, productivity, physical rest, relational health and much more. Here are some things you will
    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man
    Rest Assured: Seven Days to Stillness, Sanity and the Sabbath You Need - eBook

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  • 110904am - The Sabbath Was Made for Man - Mark 2:23-28

    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man
    Jesus says, "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath." We consider two things: *Why the Lord instituted the Sabbath (to be a blessing to man), and *What exceptions mercy permit...
    Sabbath - observance,works of mercy,works of necessity

    Jesus Heals a Lame Man on the Sabbath

    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man
    Watch More Bible Videos Here: Jesus performs a miracle by healing an invalid on the Sabbath day. John 5:2-12 2 Now there is at Jerusalem...
    bible videos,miracles of jesus,Jesus heals a lame man on the sabbath,Pool Of Bethesda (Location),...

    Jesus Heals a Man on the Sabbath: A Bible Story for Children

    The Sabbath Day Was Made For Man
    We asked kids to tell us the story of Jesus healing a man on the Sabbath in their own words. In this story, Jesus and His Apostles were walking along when they saw a crippled man sitting by a pool ...
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