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  • Social Skills Activities for Kids: 50 Fun Exercises for Making Friends, Talking and Listening, and Understanding Social Rules

    Learn Everyday Social Skills and Have Fun, Too!What are the Dos and Don’ts for making and keeping friends? How can you decode body language clues? What’s the best way to keep a conversation going? Just like learning multiplication tables, social skills don’t come naturally―every child has to learn them. Luckily, this book makes mastering social skills super fun with 50 awesome activities.Social Skills Activities for Kids gives children the confidence to successfully navigate social situations at home, school, and the world in between. From keeping the conversation ball moving to learning to compromise to practicing good table manners,...
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • The Asperkid's (Secret) Book of Social Rules: The Handbook of Not-So-Obvious Social Guidelines for Tweens and Teens with Asperger Syndrome

    Being a teen or tween isn't easy for anyone -- but it's especially tough for Asperkids. I know. I was one, I taught a whole bunch, and I am going to be raising three! That's also why I know that Asperkdis deserve their very own guide to all of the hidden social rules that are awfully confusing to us, even if they seem obvious to everyone else. "The Asperkids' (Secret) Rule Book of Social Rules." This isn't your momma's Emily Post, and there is no "don't do this" finger-wagging or patronizing "high and mighty preaching" here. Instead, the "Secret" Book gives Asperkids (aged 10-17) respectful, funny insights written "for Aspies by an Aspie." Ch...
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • Six Minute Social Skills Workbook 1: Conversation Skills for Kids with Autism & Asperger's (Volume 1)

    Welcome to the Six-Minute Social Skills series of workbooks for children with Autism. This series of social skills worksheets is designed for busy parents and professionals who need easy-to-use and effective materials to work with learners who have Autism, Asperger’s and similar social skill challenges. The Conversation Skills workbook provides step-by-step activities that develop strong communication skills. Students learn how to choose and introduce appropriate topics, add on-topic comments and questions, and show interest with body language and gaze. No more topic bombs. No more interrogations. No more special-interest talk that goes ...
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • What Were You Thinking?: Learning to Control Your Impulses (Executive Function)

    Third-grader Braden loves to be the center of attention. His comic genius, as he sees it, causes his friends to look at him in awe. But some poor decision-making, like ill-timed jokes in class and an impulsive reaction during gym that left a classmate teary-eyed and crumpled on the floor, forces the adults in Braden's life to teach him about impulse control. But will the lessons shared by his teachers and his mom really help Braden manage his impulses? Find out in this hilarious story by Bryan Smith.
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • The New Social Story Book, Revised and Expanded 15th Anniversary Edition: Over 150 Social Stories that Teach Everyday Social Skills to Children and Adults with Autism and their Peers

    Since the early ‘90s, Carol Gray’s world-famous Social Stories have helped thousands of children with autism spectrum disorders. This 15th Anniversary Edition of her best-selling book offers ready-to-use stories that parents and educators have depended on for years―with new sections added! Additions include how to most effectively use and apply the stories, how to improve the lives of younger children, and Social Stories for teens and adults with autism. Developed through years of experience, these strategically written stories explain social situations in ways children and adults with autism understand while teaching social skills need...
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • The Parents' Guide to Teaching Kids with Asperger Syndrome and Similar ASDs Real-Life Skills for Independence

    The definitive resource for teaching kids with Asperger syndrome the life skills that build independence, confidence, and self-esteem. Children with autism spectrum disorders learn differently. Our kids' choices are too often limited and their paths to success restricted, not by a lack of intellectual ability but by deficits in acquiring, applying, and generalizing basic life skills. Success in school, at home, on the playground, and beyond depends on mastering countless basic living skills that most other kids just "pick up" almost by osmosis. This book shows parents how to teach these so-called easy skills to complex learners. This is the...
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships

    + 2018 IPA Book Award Winner+ 2018 Readers' Favorite Award WinnerWhat if making one tweak to your day-to-day conversations could immediately improve every relationship in your life?In this 3-hour, conversational read, you’ll discover the whats, whys, and hows of one of the most valuable (yet surprisingly little-known) communication skills—validation. Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, navigate difficult conversations at work, or connect on a deeper level with friends and family, this book delivers simple, practical, proven techniques for improving any relationship in your life.Mastery of this simple s...
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • Social Skills Success for Students With Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism

    Provide students the social skills instruction they need to succeed in school and in life!   This practical resource provides evidence-based strategies for enhancing social skills of children and adolescents who have Asperger Disorder and other forms of high-functioning autism. Case studies, vignettes, classroom materials, checklists, and templates will help you: Deliver interventions that model desirable behaviors and provide opportunities for students to practice Support students in navigating social situations, forming relationships with peers and adults, and following rules and routines Develop, implement, and evaluate social skill...
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • Taking Care of Myself2: for Teenagers and Young Adults with ASD

    Written for teenagers and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), this instructional book is also for parents, instructors, and therapists to help teens on the autism spectrum. The information is written in an easy-to-understand manner with simple how-to lists. This book is geared for use in an instructional or home setting for any teenager or young adult with ASD. Topics covered include: dressing for different events, feeling anxious in social situations, public versus private behaviors, staying healthy, anxiety, depression, and feeling suicidal, social media issues, sexual harassment, finding and keeping friends (including a boyf...
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • Asperger's Rules!: How to Make Sense of School and Friends

    Fitting in to school and social life can be the single most challenging task when you have Asperger's syndrome Asperger's Rules! can help.Packed full of information, this book covers common school situations and the uncommon challenges that they can present to a child with Asperger's. Kids will find the how-to for understanding and communicating with peers and teachers, standing up for and taking care of themselves, setting realistic goals, and making friends.Asperger's Rules! belongs in the backpack of every kid with Asperger's and is an essential resource for getting the most out of middle school....
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers

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  • 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching & Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's

    Winner of a Teachers' Choice Award, the first edition of this book has already become a bestseller throughout the autism community. Now, in this expanded edition, Notbohm and Zysk have added more than 400 new ideas for teaching and parenting autistic
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers
    1001 Great Ideas for Teaching & Raising Children With Autism or Asperger's

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  • Teamwork Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to Share!: Classroom Ideas for Teaching the Skills of Working as a Team and Sharing (Paperback)

    RJs having another bad day . . . His teacher wants him to work with bossy Bernice, messy Frankie, and Norma (who just sits and picks her nose) on a report about Egyptian mummies. After a frustrating school day with his team, RJ goes home to find only one cookie left in the jar. And his mom makes him share it with his
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers
    RJ's having another bad day His teacher wants him to work with bossy Bernice, messy Frankie and Norma (who just sits and picks her nose) on a report about Egyptian mummies. After a frustrating school day with his team, RJ goes home to find only one biscuit left in the jar - and his mum makes him share it with his sister! With the help of his coach, RJ learns that working as a team and sharing are skills needed not just on the football field, but in school and at home

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  • How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger's

    The co-author of "Asperger's and Girls" presents a no-nonsense guide to teaching children with Asperger's or autism the life skills they will need to function as an
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers
    In the real world, people on the autism spectrum need the same kinds of day-to-day skills everyone else needs to be functional!It's true. No matter how high-functioning children with autism or Asperger's may be or may become, they function better as adults if they've had the chance to learn basic skills, from being on time to good personal hygiene. Many reach adulthood without those skills; enter Jennifer McIlwee Myers, Aspie at Large!Co-author of the groundbreaking book Asperger's and Girls, Jennifer's personal experience with Asperger's Syndrome and having a brother with autism makes her perspective doubly insightful.Jennifer can show you how

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  • More Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School : Lesson Plans, Role Plays, Activities, Worksheets and Posters to Improve Student Behavior

    The workbook has thirty-five new lesson plans with activities to help you teach valuable social skills to students! Use this workbook to introduce a range of social skills, from the basic (Following Instructions and Listening to Others) to the complex (Advocating for Oneself and Setting Long-Term Goals). Lessons are written in an easy-to-follow format with talking points to help you define and explain a skill and guide students through an activity. At the end of each lesson is a Think Sheet for students with questions about how to use a skill in different settings and situations. Role-play scenarios and classroom
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers
    More Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School

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  • A Complete ABA Curriculum for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum with a Developmental Age of 4-7 Years : A Step-By-Step Treatment Manual Including Supporting Materials for Teaching 150 Intermediate Skills

    A comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum, including supplementary materials, for teaching children with autism spectrum disorders aged approximately 4-7 years key intermediate skills such as comprehension of abstract language, academic skills, advanced social and play skills, and emotional and behavioral regulation
    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers
    Covering intermediate skills such as comprehension of abstract language, social and play skills, emotional and behavioral regulation, and academic skills, this comprehensive ABA curriculum has been developed specifically for individuals on the autism spectrum with a developmental age of approximately 4-7 years.Evidence-based, the resource guides instructors step-by-step through using ABA to teach 150 intermediate skills. The program can be individualized to meet the needs and interests of the individual, and instructions are given on how to do this. Accompanying online downloadable content contains the teaching materials needed to implement the program, including over 1000 printable color picture cards and worksheets,

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  • Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism

    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers
    Like Autism Live on Facebook at http://facebook.com/autismlive Board Certified Behavior Analyst Angela Persicke shares important information about teaching social skills to kids on the Autism Spe...
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    Teaching Social Skills to Aspergers Children: Introduction

    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers
    Lecture by Mark Hutten, M.A. ...http://www.MyAspergersChild.com

    Social skills for kids with autism, aspergers, adhd, NLD

    Teaching Social Skills To Kids With Aspergers
    Teaching Social Skills to Children aged 4-8 For the entire video course, come visit my website http://intensivecareforyou.com/ You will see an actual social skills group and a video course with r...
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