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  • 10 PCS Pencil Grips for Kids Handwriting for Preschool, Silicone Ergonomic Pen Pencil Training Grips Writing Aid Pencil Grip for Righties and Lefties

    Why Choose Us (CH HAICHENG Pencil Grips): 10 PCS pencil grips make kids handwriting step by step,natural adjustment,from the easier to the more advanced. It is also comfortable and fun with these exciting pencil grips. Bright colors, soft textures, and cute shapes make any pencil a fun writing tool. Pencil Grips for Kids! Developing a kid's pencil grasp correctly is not just about helping them to learn how to write. These pencil grips for preschoolers help kids to write efficiently, effortlessly and for a greater endurance. Writing will become an automatic task, so that kids can spend more time concentrating on what they want to write, rathe...
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: B076KHQSP5
    • Color: Various Colors 1
    • Brand: CH HAICHENG
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  • School Zone - Math Basics 1 Workbook - 32 Pages, Ages 6 to 7, Grade 1, Addition, Subtraction, Greater Than, Less Than, Comparing, and More (School Zone I Know It!® Workbook Series)

    Find our complete line of educational resources at Amazon.com/SchoolZonePublishing FEATURES & BENEFITS 32 pages: 29 activity pages, 2 answer key pages, 1 award certificate For ages 6-7 7.75" x 10.75" pages with durable glossy cover Book features multiple skills: Addition & Subtraction, Greater than & Less than, Place Value, Numerical Order, and More! Clear examples, instructions, and goals help 1st graders master and retain new math concepts Whimsical, colorful illustrations help kids focus and stay motivated Follows NCTM and Common Core standards Perforated pages makes it easy to tear out for individual worksheets Portable and perfect...
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: 0938256289
    • Brand: School Zone Publishing
    • UPC: 076645020284

  • Learning Resources Word And Number Swatters

    Help students learn parts of speech and simple math by focusing in on the problem. Use with whiteboards, pocket charts, word walls, flip charts and big books. Select from 4 sizes to fit your targets. Assorted colors (red, yellow, green, and blue).
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: B0018M2GBA
    • Brand: Learning Resources
    • UPC: 804993514595

  • Junior Learning 50# Line Activities

    50 number line activities is a set of 50 double-sided activity cards for teaching math skills with number lines. Topics include: odd & even numbers, greater than, less than, addition, subtraction, skip counting, multiple addition, tiding numbers, place value, reversibility, multiplication, absolute value, fractions and decimals. The front side provides teaching objectives, resources used and procedure. The other side provides visual examples. Math manipulatives used effectively throughout and presented in clear photography. Contains 50 double-sided activity cards and a contents card that can act as a check off list....
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Junior Learning
    • UPC: 858136006164

  • School Zone - Math Basics 2 Workbook - 64 Pages, Ages 7 to 8, Addition & Subtraction, Time & Money, Place Value, Sums and Differences, Fact Families, and More (School Zone I Know It!® Workbook Series)

    Deluxe Edition! Books are the same high-quality workbooks for which School Zone has been known since the company was founded. They're colorful and affordable and they've got twice the number of pages.
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: 0887431380
    • Brand: School Zone Publishing
    • UPC: 076645022028

  • 1st Grade Math - Less and Greater Than, Equals: You Can Teach! First Grade Math - Common Core and Core Knowledge compatible

    Help you child learn the math skills required for first grade. This book covers ordinals such as "first, second, third" and provides wonderful and fun visual clues to drive the message home. Enjoy reading this book with your first grader, It's easy and designed to be enjoyable with images of cute pigs, flowers and suns. So delightful you won't even feel like it's a "lesson", but rest assured, these are the fundamentals required by the Common Core curriculum and the Core Knowledge curriculum used in many schools and required in many states. Enjoy learning, and remember You Can Teach!In this volume, the student will learn the < > and = sig...
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: B00I0G3F0I

  • Sums in Space - an Addition & Subtraction Math Game for Kids

    A Math Game for Kids Learning Addition and Subtraction.Captain's Log, Stardate 154971.796. We've been on an away mission mining delicate crystals on an uninhabited planet. We aren't sure of their use just yet, but we can't pass up this opportunity because we love shiny things and the perils of space travel. Unfortunately, a black hole has opened up near our location and it's only a matter of time before the planet is trapped inside. Now it's a race against time to get the crew back to the ship safely so we can get out of here. Game contents: Game Board Measuring 12x18 inches Four colored pawn pieces One Rocket Ship Token Two 10-sided di...
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: B019T7DPYW
    • Brand: da Vinci's Room
    • UPC: 642337722219

  • edx Education Student Math Balance - Includes 20 Weights - Teach Early Math and Number Concepts - Beginner Addition, Subtraction and Equations

    The Student Math Balance helps kids visualize and manipulate number relationships. Teach and demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and basic algebraic equations with this student-sized balance. This self-checking, plastic balance displays number relationships of equal to (=), greater than (>), less than (
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: B014PA7CE2
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: edxeducation
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  • School Zone Write & Reuse Workbook-Math Fun Ages 5-6

    Math is more enjoyable and approachable when it's erasable! With a dry erase marker in hand, children will get plenty of practice with these proven activities. Numbers Fun! emphasizes a variety of important early math skills, including counting, number order, addition, subtraction, and more. Plus, playful illustrations help make learning fun. This workbook allows your child to practice basic math skills over and over as each activity reinforces curriculum objectives or introduces new ones. Make sure your child is ready to enter the world of numbers today! Features include clear instructions on every page, bold illustrations and convenience of...
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: B00BL3X5VG
    • Brand: School Zone
    • UPC: 076645030061

  • School Zone Workbooks-Reading Readiness Grades K-1

    Long or short, big or tall, when I read, I can learn it all! Just think how excited your child will be when he or she is ready to read, just like the big kids! We all know that there is no ability more essential to your child's school success than reading. Starting with identifying sizes and shapes and growing all the way to matching sentences with pictures, your young explorer will soon learn there's a whole world out there ready to jump off the page when one can read. Features include an easy reference answer key, perforated pages great for individual worksheets, concept and skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page, parent guide and...
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade

    • ASIN: B00BL3UKG4
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: School Zone
    • UPC: 076645022233

  • The Greater Than, Less Than and Equal to Worksheet - Math Books First Grade Children's Math Books

    Build a solid foundation of skills in math so that your child can progress from easy to difficult concepts smoothly. This first grade math book will hone your child's comparison abilities. Encourage your child to work on his/her own pace by removing time and peer pressure. Have a blast learning
    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade
    The Greater Than, Less Than and Equal to Worksheet - Math Books First Grade Children's Math Books

    • UPC: 689215033

  • Year 1 Math, Lesson 16, Comparing Numbers - Greater than or more than

    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade
    Teaching Math to the first grade students, lesson 16, by Peace And Happiness Foundation
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    Comparing Numbers - Greater Than Less Than

    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade
    Check out the NEW Math Game we made at https://www.MageMath.com/ It is a full video game called Mage Math that helps kids build confidence in math while having tons of fun. Your kids will lov...
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    Learn Grade 1 - Maths - Learn Greater, Iess and Equal to Symbol

    Teaching Greater Than Less Than First Grade
    In this video you get to Learn Grade 1 Maths - Greater than, Iess Than, Equal to Symbol