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  • Concealment Express Taurus 738 TCP IWB KYDEX Holster

    concealment express iwb kydex holster: fits taurus 738 tcp - custom fit - us made - inside waistband - adj. cant/retention (blk,
    Taurus 738 Tcp 8 Round Magazine For Sale
    Made in the USAUnconditional Lifetime warrantyEasily Adjustable Retention Pressure & Carry Angle (Cant) 0-15 Deg with POSI-CLICK Audible Retention Lock

    • UPC: 184184508
    • Model: TRS-738-BK-RH-VAR
    • Color: Black
    • Size: Right Hand Draw (IWB)

  • Taurus PT738 TCP 380 With or Without Laser / Comfort Designed Custom Fit Woven Poly Pocket Holster (W2)

    Taurus PT738 TCP 380 and Taurus PT732 .32 Caliber orGUNizer Custom Fit Woven Poly Pocket Holster by Garrison Grip
    Taurus 738 Tcp 8 Round Magazine For Sale
    This Right-Handed Taigear Custom Fit orGUNizer Poly Woven Pocket Holster is designed for those of us who insist on having the best. Now you can help insure that nobody can see if you are carrying with this design. The outside of the holster creates a footprint that will help keep others from knowing you carry. Each holster is individually designed to fit your firearm like a glove with just enough play to quickly retrieve it when needed. The highest quality materials and workmanship are employed in the production and custom fitting to your Firearm. The outer design of the holster

    • UPC: 516571690
    • Model: GGO-TauPT738-CWPH
    • Color: GrayCharcoal

  • Taurus 738 TCP .380 IWB Waistband Molded Leather Concealed Carry Holster CCW BLACK RH

    Custom leather inside the waist band IWB holster for the Taurus .380 Model 738 TCP . Hand crafted from top quality leather to custom fit Taurus 738 TCP .380 Pistol. Comes with belt/waist band clip. Just tuck the holster into your waistband and you are ready to go. The back of the holster has a full comfort shield which covers the top of the pistol slide so it does not dig into you for additional comfort that is not found in many other holsters. Azula Gun Holsters are hand made by master craftsman with over 30 years of holster making
    Taurus 738 Tcp 8 Round Magazine For Sale
    Taurus 738 TCP .380 IWB Waistband Molded Leather Concealed Carry Holster CCW BLACK RH

    • UPC: 328721706
    • Color: Black

  • galco tuck-n-go inside the pant holster for taurus 738 tcp,black,right

    Taurus 738 Tcp 8 Round Magazine For Sale
    Tuck-N-Go Inside The Pant HolsterColor: BlackGun Fit: Taurus 738 TCPHand: RightDeep concealment and amazing affordability combine in Galco’s Tuck-N-Go™, which builds on the success of the enduring USA/UDC tuckable holsters and the huge popularity of the Stow-N-Go IWB. The Tuck-N-Go's open top allows a fast draw once the concealing garment is swept up and away, while the reinforced mouth allows a smooth and easy return to the holster. For the utmost in concealability, the holster features Galco's patented Generation III tuckable J-Hook. The Gen III J-Hook’s streamlined design hooks over the pants and behind the belt, hooking upward and only

    • UPC: 118501714
    • Model: TUC630B
    • Color: White

  • Tagua DCH-165 Dual Clip Holster, Taurus TCP Series with CT Laser, Black, Right Hand

    Tagua has been making quality gun products for decades. Trusted with the safety and reliability for all fire arm users worldwide, each of tagua products are tested for safety and reliability. The process for making these products include a rigorous testing phase that ensures the best performance regardless of the
    Taurus 738 Tcp 8 Round Magazine For Sale
    Taurus tcp series w/ct laser black r/H100 percent high grade material used for all tagua productsDesigned for the tactical, outdoor, recreation users of all

    • UPC: 618604878
    • Color: Black

  • Tcp 738 8 round mag

    Taurus 738 Tcp 8 Round Magazine For Sale
    Not harder to conceal than 6 round with Pearce grip extension.

    Taurus PT738 TCP Extended Mag Sleeve

    Taurus 738 Tcp 8 Round Magazine For Sale
    A comfortable option for your 10 round promag magazines for the Taurus TCP https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153288925903
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    Taurus TCP 380 7+1 MagGuts Prototype Range Demo

    Taurus 738 Tcp 8 Round Magazine For Sale
    This video shows the MagGuts magazine conversion which allows 7 rounds in the OEM 6 round magazine without adding an extension. This is a range demonstration of a prototype for the Taurus TCP 380 ...