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  • Cottage Garden 12 inch Matte Black Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb. Dual Nut and Seed Bird Feeder

    Invite beautiful birds into your landscape and garden spaces with this hanging bird feeder. Varieties of seeds and nuts can be poured into this dual bird feeder in order to attract many types of wild birds all to one place. Hang from durable ring hook from a tree or garden post in your outdoor space or close to a window to enjoy visibility of birds coming and going. No assembly required and does not require any tools to gain access to the inside for cleaning or refilling seed. Simply unscrew the finial bolt to remove cap, fill with nuts like peanuts to invite birds like woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, jays on the larger mesh fee...
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B07PJLZ3VH
    • Color: Matte Black
    • Brand: Cottage Garden
    • UPC: 633303860011

  • Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder Model GGPLAT

    Woodlink's Going Green Platform Bird Feeder allows birds to fly freely from all sides of this platform feeder. It's screwed together construction means that this feeder will last for years to come. The powder coated metal screen bottom allows for drainage. Hangs with an attached hook and cable system (included.) Feeder is made of up to 90-percent post-consumer recycled plastic.
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B002W8PVWK
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Woodlink
    • UPC: 715038308331

  • Sunnydaze Outdoor Hanging Wild Bird Feeder, Steel Wire Caged, 4-Peg, 12-Inch, Black

    - Outdoor wild bird feeder- Black powder-coated steel wire cage with clear plastic feeder tube- 1 bird feeder with 4 feeding ports- Use with a variety of seed blends- Accommodates most smaller songbirdsBring small songbirds like wrens, finches and chickadees into the yard with this squirrel-proof bird feeder. This bird haven features a plastic tube with 3 pegs for the birds to perch on as well as a steel wire cage surrounding the plastic inner cylinder. The steel hanging handle on the top makes it easy for securely hanging it up in any outdoor space. This feeder accommodates a variety of seeds including: smaller birdseed blends, sunflower, sa...
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B01KTQF7PC
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Sunnydaze Decor
    • UPC: 815008025586

  • Perky-Pet RSB00343 Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder

    Have a ball bird watching by hanging the No/No Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder in your yard! The No/No Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder is a beautiful red finish. This feeder will invite all kinds of birds to feed! Without the use of plastic or wood components, the premium construction of the No/No Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder stands up against squirrels and other small animals that may try to access birdseed. Birds visiting your yard will be happy that they’re not sharing their feast with other animals, which will keep them coming back to feed again and again! 6 cups of black oil sunflower seed, the most popular seed for wild birds, is held...
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B0040QAE2O
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Perky-Pet
    • UPC: 717356147753

  • Jade Active Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups - Easy Outside Installation - Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder fits Kitchen and Living Room Window Flawlessly

    Still not 100% sure whether our bird feeder is the one for you? As a family business, it is crucial for us that all of our customers are 100% happy with our bird feeders which is why we provide a lifetime guarantee for all of our products. Therefore, if it ever breaks, my husband and I will bring a smile back to your face! Effortless birdwatching - put away these binoculars! We've got you covered. Birds love the sun just as much as we do, therefore make sure to mount the bird house to a window with lots of direct sunlight that birds can easily spot. Also, in order to squirrel proof the window bird feeders, install them high up on a window wi...
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B07CT6MX9G
    • Brand: Jade Active

  • Droll Yankees New Generation Peanut Birdfeeder, 13 Inches, Green

    The Droll Yankees New Generation Peanut Birdfeeder is designed with a steel mesh tube that multiple birds can cling to while feeding. The birdfeeder holds up to 1 pound of shelled peanuts, peanut mix, or black oil sunflower seed, which means you don't need to make frequent refills. An internal baffle ensures nuts or seeds are directed out of the center of the feeder to the mesh cage where birds can reach them. Designed to last, the birdfeeder features a heavy-metal top and base and 0.25-inch stainless steel mesh. The open mesh design allows both you and the birds to see the feed level. For convenient filling, simply slide the metal cap up the...
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B000K8C58C
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Droll Yankees
    • UPC: 021964500405

  • Alpine Ingredients B0049HB3F6 RAW Shelled Peanuts 50 Lb, Multicolor

    Alpine Ingredients RAW PEANUT Shelled Peanuts 50 Lb
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B0049HB3F6
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Alpine Ingredients
    • UPC: 094922307705

  • Wild Delight Deck, Porch N' Patio No Waste Bird Food, 5 lb

    Wild Delight Deck, Porch N' Patio is an elite, zero-waste wild bird food blended to attract the most desired outdoor pets and give you the cleanest feeding experience available for your outdoor living areas. Primary Wild Bird Species Attracted: All Songbirds, Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Finches, Jays, Nuthatches and other outdoor pets.Ingredients: Sunflower Kernels, Peanuts, Pistachios, Hulled Pumpkin Seed, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D-3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Niacin, Choline Chloride, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Biotin, Folic Acid, Ascorbic Ac...
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B002IR36OA
    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Wild Delight
    • UPC: 765829971411

  • C & S Products Squirrel Snak, 6-Piece

    Squirrel Snak (6 units) Attracts more Squirrels and gives the wild animal feeding enthusiast peace of mind knowing they are now giving their wild animal friends the very best
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B006GZZ1P2
    • Brand: C & S Products

  • Belle Fleur 50174 Capacity, Rustic Green Stokes Select Acorn Feeder, 4 Feeding Ports, 2.6 Pounds Bird Seed, Patina

    Stokes Select Acorn Bird Feeder, 4 Feeding Ports, 2.6 Pounds Bird Seed Capacity, Rustic Green
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder

    • ASIN: B005EG3USE
    • Color: Patina Green
    • Brand: Belle Fleur
    • UPC: 617313501744

  • More Birds Squirrel-Proof Feeder, 4.2 Pound Seed Capacity, 4 Feeding Ports, X-1

    Our revolutionary Squirrel X1 squirrel-proof Songbird Feeder protects your birdseed and allows you to feed the birds not the squirrels! Featuring four squirrel-proof feeding ports with long, sturdy perches, the metal sliding sleeve will close all ports simultaneously when a squirrel’s weight is applied to any perch or the roof. The feeder holds up to 4.2 pounds of seed and has a wide mouth for easy filling. The lovely satin nickel finish will complement any outdoor décor and blend in nicely with nature. Keep squirrels out of your feeder with our More Birds Squirrel-X1
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder
    Features:Tube type feeders-squirrel proofSquirrels can't get the seed- feed birds, not squirrelsUnique adjustable depth perchesWide-mouth design offers easier filling to reduce or eliminate spillageSeed allocated evenly to all four ports- no more empty portsIntegrated moving cage closes all four any seed ports with pressure from squirrels on the roofColor/Finish:Beautiful elliptical design with decorative satin nickel finish and locking metal roofDimensions:Overall dimensions: 15.56'' H x 5.79'' W x 11.97'' DWeight: 2.12

    • UPC: 23894846
    • Model: 11IN
    • Color: GrayClear
    • Size: 15.5615.56 x 5.79 x 11.97 in
    • Rating: 4.208

  • Perky-Pet Small Panorama Wild Bird Feeder

    Perky Pet Small Copper Panorama Bird Feeder
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder
    Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder:Perch design allows birds to feed from multiple anglesPatented sure-lock cap system helps keep squirrels out, but it is not 100 percent squirrel proofEye-catching copper finishFor use with all types of seed2-lb seed

    • UPC: 21296080
    • Model: 312C
    • Color: BronzeMulticolorCopper
    • Size: 8.25 x 8.25 x 9.25 in25 x 8
    • Rating: 4.26

  • Squirrel-X Double Suet Cage Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

    Our friends of flight are happy to flock to your trees when adorned with the Squirrel-X Squirrel Proof Caged Bird Feeder. The natural brown color attracts many bird varieties and four-port design provides ample places for the birds to feast. The opening mechanism is specifically designed to deter squirrels from intruding but is simple for bird caretakers, enthusiasts and hobbyists to open, fill and
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder
     Stokes Select Squirrel Proof Double Suet Feeder, 10" Diameter:Each feeder has been field tested over time to allow inclusion of great features like: twist-lock tops, easy cleaning, seed diverter, quality powder-coated finish, drain holes and much moreHolds 2 suet cakesRoof keeps suet cakes dry from rain or snowFill with your favorite suet cakeFill with a small seed cakeGrid design for clinging birds10" x 10" x

    • UPC: 24868495
    • Model: 38069
    • Color: BrownBlack
    • Rating: 3.913

  • Perky-Pet 3 lb Squirrel Stumper Wild Bird Feeder

    The Squirrel Stumper metal cage is designed to prevent squirrel damage making your feeder last longer. The squirrel-resistant metal cage is one of the features that deters the little critters from reaching the seed. To top it off, it has a twist lock top, which also prevents the squirrels from gaining access to the seed. With eight feeding ports and a three-pound capacity of seed, this wild bird feeder is a winner among squirrel-proof
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder
    Perky-Pet 3 lb Squirrel Stumper Wild Bird FeederWire barrier protects feeder from squirrel damageTwist lock lid prevents squirrels from accessing the seed8 feeding portsHolds up to 3lb of

    • UPC: 16457626
    • Model: 114
    • Color: BrownMulticolor
    • Size: 12.912.9 x 7.5 x 5.75 in
    • Rating: 3.313

  • Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Cylinder Wild Bird Feeder

    Looking for a way to keep squirrels away from your bird feeders? Try the Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Cylinder Wild Bird Feeder. This metal-wrapped feeder features a weight-activated cage that seals squirrels off from the birdseed inside. The feeder's protective metal cage is finished with a bronze powder coat for added weather protection. Birds can access the food at the 6 u-shaped perches, but squirrels can't. Additional features include a 1.75 lb seed capacity, metal hanging loop and a screw-tight
    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder
    Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Cylinder Wild Bird Feeder:All-metal, weight-activated cage closes off ports to resist squirrelsSix feeding ports allow multiple birds to dine at oncePowder-coated finish offers rust resistance for durabilityRustic leaf design is both attractive and functionalHolds up to 1.75 lb of

    • UPC: 853602226
    • Model: SBG100B
    • Color: BronzeBrown
    • Rating: 2.0

  • GoPro: Squirrel Fail

    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder
    Check out this squirrel's attempt to steal food from a bird feeder. Note to squirrel: attempting to sneak up on it, not helpful. Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com. Get sto...
    GoPro,Hero 2,Hero 3,Hero 3 Plus,Hero Camera,HD Camera,stoked,rad,Squirrel (Animal),fail,fall


    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder
    This crazy squirrel keeps eating my bird seeds and finally gets caught. Serves him right. The squirrel got caught by one toe and couldn’t get out. We laughed for a while on this one. Be blesse...
    Squirrel gets payback,Squirrel trap,How to catch a squirrel,Squirrel on bird feeder,How to keep s...

    Poor squirrel gets his NUTS caught in a fence

    Squirrel With Nuts Stuck In Bird Feeder
    This squirrel's testicles found themselves stuck between wooden fence panels. OUCH. Sun Subscribers get the latest breaking news and videos directly to their feed. SUBSCRIBE NOW and hit the bell t...
    The Sun,news,squirrel,nuts,testicles,fence,stuck,balls,ouch,hit in the balls,hit in the nuts,funn...