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  • Clear Seeing Place : Studio Visits

    A companion to the popular YouTube series "Brian Rutenberg Studio Visits" and a love letter to painting, written by a
    Seeing X Chromosomes In A New Light
    From the salt marshes and moss-draped live oaks of the South Carolina Lowcountry to the New York art world, Clear Seeing Place takes the reader behind the studio door to explore the making of a painter in intimate detail. Brimming with the joy of process and a love of art history, Brian Rutenberg reveals the places, people, and experiences that led to the paint­ings for which he is well known today. This book is packed with ideas, observations, techniques, and career advice all thought­fully arranged into six sections designed to inspire artists of all levels, as well as anyone interested

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  • Preparing for the New Jerusalem : Seeing the Light at Last

    Preparing for the New Jerusalem
    Seeing X Chromosomes In A New Light
    WAKE UP, YOU SLUMBERING CHRISTIANS ...This author has never written a book before, and had never planned to...until the Lord woke her early one morning at 4:30 A.M....September of 2009...and very clearly said, "Type this title on your computer, PREPARING FOR THE NEW JERUSALEM." She immediately jumped up, turned on the computer, typed the title at the top of a "new document." and, has been on a spiritual whirlwind ever since.Her story may be very much like yours...encouraged to be self-sufficient, obsessed with getting a degree and then a career, marrying and juggling career and family 24/7. In their family,

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  • Seeing the Light : Four Decades in Chinatown

    Wong captures four decades of Asian American life in West Coast Chinatowns. At turns poignant, heartbreaking, and
    Seeing X Chromosomes In A New Light
    Photojournalist Dean Wong has been chronicling life in America's Chinatowns for four decades. His sensitive eye and man-of-the-people interviews bring these ghettos disguised as tourist traps to life. Through Wong, we meet the drag queen deciding to stop his medications and die of AIDS with dignity; the elderly Chinese American facing eviction as the neighborhood gentrifies; the artist told by the city that his shop is a fire hazard, and the man who challenged Bruce Lee to a fight . . . and lost. Wong focuses his attention on the Chinatowns of Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York. He

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  • Seeing Babies in a New Light - eBook

    Seeing Babies in a New Light: The Life of Hanus Papousek presents the first in-depth examination of the scientific contributions and life of Hanus Papousek (1922-2000), a leading figure in modern infancy research. The aim is to illuminate the research and ideas of this pediatrician and scholar who was one of the first to examine systematically the world of newborns, a relatively new area of developmental research in the mid-20th century.Papousek's pioneering studies of infants in the early 1950s in Prague are examined to show how his early conditioning studies, together with those of a handful of other researchers in
    Seeing X Chromosomes In A New Light
    Seeing Babies in a New Light - eBook

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  • Seeing the Light : The Case for Nuclear Power in the 21st Century

    The first accessible book to discuss all aspects of nuclear power to help combat climate change and lethal air
    Seeing X Chromosomes In A New Light
    Nuclear power is not an option for the future but an absolute necessity. Global threats of climate change and lethal air pollution, killing millions each year, make it clear that nuclear and renewable energy must work together, as non-carbon sources of energy. Fortunately, a new era of growth in this energy source is underway in developing nations, though not yet in the West. Seeing the Light is the first book to clarify these realities and discuss their implications for coming decades. Readers will learn how, why, and where the new nuclear era is happening, what new technologies are involved, and

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  • Can Some People See More Colors Than You?

    Seeing X Chromosomes In A New Light
    Forget Roy G. Biv. Some people can see over a million colors! How does that work? What Causes Color Blindness? ►►►► Check Out Fig. 1 ►►►► Sign Up For...
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    Why Women Are Stripey

    Seeing X Chromosomes In A New Light
    Epigenetics means women have different active x-chromosomes in different cells. Animation courtesy of Music by Amarante: Animation: Etsuko Uno Art and Techni...


    Seeing X Chromosomes In A New Light
    An introduction to, a free third-party chromosome mapping tool.
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