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  • In The Swim Chlorine-Free Oxidizing Pool Shock 12 x 1 Pound Bags

    Oxidizing swimming pool shock treatments are an essential aspect of opening and closing your pool. Oxidizing shock can also be used for weekly maintenance to help enhance your chlorine's sanitizing efficiency. Chlorine-Free Pool Shock is one of the most versatile shock treatments on the market. It provides many benefits for virtually every swimming application. Chlorine-Free Pool Shock will help eliminate chloramines (non-sanitizing chlorine) and allow the sanitizing chlorine to be more effective. Chlorine-Free Pool Shock is not only for routine maintenance, but is also great to use before and after you are expecting a heavy bather load....
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B002WKM6GM
    • Brand: In The Swim

  • Kem-Tek 26449048231 10-Pack Super Shock Quick 20 for Swimming Pools

    Super Shock Quick 20 is a patented, fast acting shock formula that removes organic wastes. One bag treats 20,000 gallons of pool water. It controls algae and bacteria during super chlorination. Clarifies pool water and reduces other chemical needs to keep your pool clean and balanced. Produces clear, sparkling water in your pool when added on a weekly basis. he best time to shock your pool is in the early evening after sundown. With Super Shock Quick you can resume swimming in as soon as 15 minutes after application. Package contains 10 bags....
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B00DJ7CNTM
    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Kem-Tek
    • UPC: 041596410033

  • Pentair 520555 IntelliChlor IC40 Salt Chlorine Generator Cell (US Version)

    IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively, and automatically. Same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without the drawbacks. No need for customers to buy, transport and store chlorine compounds. Full diagnostic capabilities, including cell life tracking that communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time. Captures all performance data daily (production settings, hours of operation, chlorine output, cell cleaning cycles, salt readings, and water temperature averages). Push-button operation and easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of salt leve...
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B001DSLLH4
    • Brand: Pentair
    • UPC: 789610109920

  • Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump, 1 1/2 Horsepower, 115/208-230 Volt, 1 Phase - Energy Star Certified

    The SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pumps bring the remarkable energy cost savings of variable speed technology to standard pools at an affordable price. They reduce energy costs by up to 80-percent. SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pumps have an easy-to-read graphical display and a built-in timer so the pumps are easy to install and easy to use. SuperMax pump by Pentair Aquatic Systems is a direct replacement for the Hayward Super Pump Hayward and Super Pump are registered trademarks of Hayward Industries, Inc. Direct and superior drop-in replacement for the Hayward SuperPump...
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B00PKHX2BM
    • Brand: Pentair
    • UPC: 079063764594

  • ecoone | OneShock Spa & Swimming Pool Tablets | Self-Dissolving, Pre-Measured Chlorine Shock & Sanitizer Combo | Clean, Clear & Bacteria Free Water | Swim-Safe Enzymes | Pool Maintenance | 64 Tabs

    Pools, hot tubs, and spas are a perfect addition to any outdoor space and provides an ideal spot for parties, activities, or even just an evening lounging under the stars. However, pools, tubs, and spas need to be kept cleaned and maintained to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that can build in standing water. The problem is that most products on the market contain far too much chlorine and too many other harmful chemicals that can damage your skin or leave small granules of hardened minerals stuck to the bottom or sides. That's why we, at Pacific Sands, developed the EcoOne Sanitizer and Shock Combination Tablet. This small tablet deli...
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B0130CVO7W
    • Brand: ecoone
    • UPC: 682373400085

  • Taylor Technologies K-2005 Pool Test Kit, Complete Kit

    Taylor Technologies K-2005 Compete Test Kit, High Range. Maintaining safe pool/spa water for the public is an important responsibility. Therefore, precise test results are essential when checking the water quality of commercial pools and spas. Taylor's 2000 Series is designed for the kind of comprehensive, routine testing performed by service technicians, public and semipublic pool operators, and other professionals. Taylor's 2000 Series uses printed color standards to achieve a reliable and accurate color match, making frequent test comparisons even easier. 2000 Series kits feature six different standards for chlorine (High Range: 0.5-5 p...
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B001DNXK78
    • Color: Other
    • Brand: Taylor Technologies, Inc.
    • UPC: 840036004302

  • Harris In-Ground VS Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pumps (1.5 HP)

    These variable speed pumps are designed to operate your swimming pool filtration system as well as your spa, waterfall, cleaner, heater, salt chlorine system and other water applications. Using the control panel, you can run your pump on one of three scheduled programs: Regular mode: use three quick start button ECO (1500RPM)/CLEAN(2400RPM)/BOOST(3250RPM), and then adjust the pump to run at the speeds you selected Mode 1: 16 hours for each clean cycle. Mode 2: 24 hours for each clean cycle The control panel also has LED indicators for speed as well as alarm indicators and error messages to warn the user against under and over voltage, high te...
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B07RMY94Z7
    • Brand: Harris Pool Products
    • UPC: 720310462410

  • Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump, BLACK / GOLD

    Maxflo vs brings variable-speed technology to the favorite, traditional maxflo pump family. Maxflo vs is a drop-in upgrade that will deliver up to 80% energy cost savings over single Speed pool pumps. Hayward maxflo vs is available in both 115V and 230V versions and pays for itself faster than larger, more expensive models. If the motor does not start : Make sure the terminal board connections agree with the wiring diagram on the pump data plate level.Be sure pump is wired for the available field supply voltage (230 VAC). Check for and connect any improper or loose wiring connections; open switcher or relay; tripped circuit breakers or blown ...
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B01EMT6IIW
    • Color: BLACK / GOLD
    • Brand: Hayward
    • UPC: 610377298612

  • Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 12-inch, 110-120V with GFCI

    Pump flow rate: 12100 GPH. System flow rate: 1, 600 GPH. 6 function control - enables pool owner to filter, Backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain & close system. 24 hour automatic timer. Strainer basket - easy cleaning, prolongs life of sand. Hydro aeration technology is incorporated into the filter pump for improved circulation & filtration, improved water clarity & increased negative ions at the water surface.
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B07F3RXVBC
    • Color: Light Grey
    • Brand: Intex
    • UPC: 078257266456

  • EZ-DE Swimming Pool Diatomaceous Earth DE Filter Media Powder (48sqft)

    Normal DE - The OLD way Adding DE to your pool used to be a messy and tedious ordeal. Having to drag out a big and bulky paper bag or box, finding scissors or a knife to open it or tear it open making a mess. Then having to figure out how much to add which means finding a measuring cup or coffee can the right size and then you still have to calculate how many scoops to use. Then after you figure all that out, you have to scoop out all that messy powder which gets all over your hands and arms, in your face, on your clothes, and all over the pool deck. Then you have to close up the box or bag and find a nice big and dry place in your garage to ...
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • ASIN: B01905DZ0W
    • Brand: EZ-DE
    • UPC: 865745000117

  • Clorox Pool&Spa Shock XtraBlue Pool Shock (1 lb Bags)

    Get your pool water ready for use by adding the Clorox Pool and Spa Shock. This product will allow you to keep on enjoying your beautiful pool. Each bag of the Clorox shock can treat 12,000 gallons of water to clear cloudy, smelly water. The formula is made to dissolve fast once it's in the water. The Xtra blue pool shock can kill bacteria as well as remove swimmer contaminants while helping control algae growth. It will not bleach your liner or affect your water's pH level like other brands. Each individual pack weighs 1 lb. The cleaner will make
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools
    Clorox Pool&Spa Shock XtraBlue Pool Shock (1 lb Bags): Multifunctional pool shock with algae-killing crystalsKills and controls green, black and mustard algaeKills bacteriaClears cloudy water and removes swimmer contaminantsReduces chlorine odor and eye irritationImproves filter performanceWon't impact pHTreat and swim in 15 minutes if chlorine is between 1 to 4 ppmAvailable in counts of 1, 6 and 12Clorox shock will get the job

    • UPC: 449036938
    • Model: 33412CLX
    • Rating: 4.4

  • Clorox Pool&Spa Salt Essence 6-Pack 1 lb Salt Pool Chlorine Free Shock

    Clorox Pool&Spa Salt Essence Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer eliminates organic contaminants for clear, sparkling water. Use weekly to keep water
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools
    Chlorine-free formula clears cloudy waterEliminates organic contaminantsFor clean, sparkling water

    • UPC: 55079624
    • Model: 81006CLX
    • Color: White
    • Size: n/a
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Swimming Pool Maintenance Tablets, 16 Count

    Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Pool Maintenance Tablets are a safe and natural way to help keep your pool sparkling-clean and ready for fun. They help maintain your pool's pH balance so that chlorine can work more effectively, eliminating the need for other costly, corrective chemicals. Arm & Hammer Clear Balance helps improve your overall water clarity and condition while stabilizing alkalinity and pH. The mild formula is gentle on skin and eyes. Clear Balance pool tablets come in an easy to use, pre-measured, compressed form, for fast and easy use. Each package comes with 16
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

    • UPC: 17043413
    • Model: 1550
    • Rating: 4.6

  • HTH Pre Measured Water Soluble Pods Stabilizer to increase Stabilizer level in Swimming Pools, 4 lbs, 8 Pods

    Extend the life of chlorine in your indoor and outdoor swimming pool with HTH Pre-measured Water Soluble Pods Stabilizer. If the harsh sunlight is making it difficult for you to maintain chlorine levels, try these stabilizer pods for defense against the sun. The easy-to-use pods make applying the correct dosage simple and quick.   DIRECTIONS Backwash the filter and adjust the free available chlorine levels to 1 – 4 parts per million (ppm). Test the cyanuric acid (stabilizer) concentration; the ideal range is between 20 and 40 ppm. Make sure the skimmer is clean and free of all chemical residue
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools
    Contains one 4lb. pouch of eight HTH Pre-measured Water Soluble Pods StabilizerRaises cyanuric acid (stabilizer) in the pool to ideal levels - between 20 and 40 ppmDefends against sunlight to extend the life of chlorine in your swimming poolEasy-to-use pods make applying the correct dosage simple and quickApply HTH Pre-measured Water Soluble Pods Stabilizer directly to the skimmer with pump running; follow package instructions for best

    • UPC: 904596128
    • Model: 67154
    • Rating: 4.9

  • WALFRONT Portable pH Tester Chlorine Meter Swimming Pool Spa Water Quality Monitor Checker, Water Quality Monitor, Chlorine Level Tester

    Description:This water quality tester is designed to test pH and chlorine level for swimming pool and spa. It is easy to operate, no more chemicals need. Large screen quickly shows the test result with high precision. Light weight and compact, easy to carry.Features:1. Made of premium plastic shell, durable and sturdy.2. Easy to operate, no more chemicals need.3. A convenient tool to test water pH and chlorine level for swimming pool and spa.4. Large screen displays the test result on pH and chlorine level for easy and accurate reading. 5. Light weight and compact, easy to carry. With a hole for
    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools
    no more chemicals needA convenient tool to test water pH and chlorine level for swimming pool and spaLarge screen displays the test result on pH and chlorine level for easy and accurate readingLight weight and compact, easy to carry. With a hole for convenient hanging, durable and sturdyEasy to

    • UPC: 601057350
    • Rating: 1.0

  • Salt Water Swimming Pools - Myths & Truths you Need to Know

    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools
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    Salt OR Chlorine?: Essential Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide

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    Salt Water Pools Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools
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