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  • National Geographic Kids Everything Rocks and Minerals: Dazzling gems of photos and info that will rock your world

    Targeted to rock-crazy kids, this bold book is more energetic, more visually exciting, and more fun than anything else on the market—and with more information, too! Youngsters become geology experts as they browse eye-popping photos and absorb layers of information made extra fun through a humor-infused presentation.National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.Visit for more information.
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Rocks and Minerals

    What do magnetite, bauxite, chromite, sulphur, quartz, and galena have in common? Each of these inorganic substances — as varied in color as they are in form and structure — is or contains an element needed to create an automobile. That intriguing bit of information, along with many other fascinating facts, can be found in this entertaining and enlightening coloring book.Hobbyists and collectors are invited to learn about rocks and minerals as they color 36 carefully rendered illustrations depicting: Tourmaline; Agatized coral; Pyrite; Aurichalcite; Smoky Quartz; Crazy Lace Agate; Amethyst geode; Beryl; Malachite; Emerald; Celestite; Amet...
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Scholastic True or False: Rocks & Minerals

    Fun, photographic nonfiction at its best from the authors of the successful Scholastic Question and Answer series.Scholastic True or False is a science series in a fun question-and-answer format aimed at 2nd and 3rd graders. Each book contains 22 true or false questions with a full-color photograph on every page. Kids will read the question on the right and turn the page to see the answer on the left. Every answer also includes a bonus fact.
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Minerals, Rocks, Volcanoes and Earthquakes (Earth Science: Grades 4-7)

    Earth Science at its greatest. Students explore the fascinating world of geology, learning everything from the causes of earthquakes and volcanoes to how to make a fossil. Part I of the unit uses notes photocopied onto overhead transparencies to give students most of the knowledge-based material in the unit. The activities and worksheets included follow closely with the material in the notes. Part II - Optional Activities adds flexibility to the unit and suggests assignments which can be coordinated with the main lesson topics, used as enrichment or used at the end of the unit as fun, culminating activities. The Earth - From Core to Crust (1 ...
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Teacher Created Materials - Science Readers: Earth and Space Science - 5 Book Set - Grade 2

    Give students an understanding of important Earth and space science topics with this 5-book set! These nonfiction books will introduce second-grade students to scientific concepts such as the water cycle, landforms, erosion, and more! Each book provides a "Let's Do Science" hands-on activity that is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and supports STEM Education. These books include easy-to-read informational text, vibrant images, and text features, such as a glossary and an index, to keep readers engaged as they develop science content-area literacy. Titles in this set include: Landforms, Water Bodies, Rocks and Minerals, Weathe...
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Basher: Rocks & Minerals: A Gem of a Book

    Simon Basher is back with another zany primer to science! Following his 3 successful titles on the basics of chemistry, physics, and biology, BASHER SCIENCE: ROCKS AND MINERALS is an in-depth look at the ground beneath our feet. Like his other titles, Basher presents these topics through charming and adorable illustrations and pairs them with basic information told from a first person perspective. He develops a community of characters based on the things that form the foundations of our planet: rocks, gems, crystals, fossils and more. And what's more, he makes it understandable, interesting, and cute. It's not what you expect out of a science...
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Ultimate Sticker Book: Rocks and Minerals

    Book by DK Publishing
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Explore Rocks and Minerals!: 25 Great Projects, Activities, Experiements (Explore Your World)

    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • DK Finders: Rocks & Minerals

    Book by DK Publishing
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Let's Rock! (Origami Science Adventures)

    Rudie the origami dinosaur may seem new to the neighborhood, but she’s been around this block before. Rudie knows that rocks are cool, but her friend the stick man doesn't have a clue. Hang out with Rudie, and check out tons of rocks!
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4

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  • Rocks, Minerals and Gems

    The ultimate identification guide to hundreds of rocks, minerals and gems.
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4
    This is a definitive full color guide for young readers. It includes an introduction to rocks, minerals and gems and how they form, how and where to look for them, how to identify rocks and minerals, and everything there is to know about building a collection.Packed with fun facts and practical activities, the book features high-definition color photography and data keys that show noteworthy qualities of each specimen in extraordinary detail.Rocks, Minerals and Gems shows how to read the landscape for clues and identify different rock types -- from dazzling diamonds to grainy sandstone. It describes fascinating facts and data

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  • Rocks, Minerals & Gems

    This book contains a collection of colorful examples of rocks, minerals, and gems, all clearly identified with color photographs. It includes unusual facts and essential data panels that give geological information and
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4
    In Rocks, Minerals, and Gems, readers will learn about hundreds of rocks, minerals, crystals, and gems that were forged by the most powerful events in prehistoryISBN13: 9780545947190Publisher: ScholasticPublication Year: 2016Format: PaperbackPages:

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  • Simon & Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals

    An illustrated field guide detailing the classification, physical properties, occurrence, formation, rarity, and practical uses of more than three hundred seventy minerals and
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4
    An easy to use field guide that contains everything rock and mineral enthusiasts need to know with more than 1,000 spectacular illustrations—600 in full color!Practical, concise, and easy to use, Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals contains everything that the rock and mineral enthusiast needs to know. This field guide is divided into two large sections—one devoted to minerals and one to rocks, each prefaced by a comprehensive introduction that discusses formation, chemistry, and more. All 377 entries, beautifully illustrated with color photographs and helpful visual symbols, provide descriptions and practical information about appearance, classification, rarity, crystal formation,

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  • Rocks, Gems and Minerals - eBook

    This eBook is best viewed on a color device.This handy identification guide to the most common kinds of rocks and minerals offers concise and fascinating information on:- Physical and chemical properties- Origins and geologic significance- Gems and semiprecious stones- How to find and collect specimensIllustrated in full color throughout, Rocks, Gems and Minerals is a gem of a guide for rockhounds and mineral
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4
    Rocks, Gems and Minerals - eBook

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  • The Rocking Book of Rocks

    A comprehensive guide to rocks, minerals and gems written by geology experts
    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4
    Learn everything you ever wanted to know about rocks and minerals in this stunning book. Discover space rocks, gemstones, metals, volcanoes, world wonders and more. With out-of-this-world artwork from Anna Alanko and expert content written by two geologists, this is the book all rock-crazy kids

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  • Be a Rock Detective!

    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4
    Did you know that of all of the rocks in the world, there are only 3 main kinds? What are they? And how can you tell them apart? Jessi and Squeaks show you how you can become a rock detective! ---...
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    Rocks and Minerals

    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4
    An Overview of Rocks and Minerals. Visit my website at to check out recent blog entries, videos, and more, including worksheets to go along with my science videos.
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    Rocks and Minerals

    Rocks And Minerals Games For Grade 4
    Today on FunScienceDemos, Tessa explains what rocks are made of. Are you a teacher? Click this link: Check out more videos like this on our ch...
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