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  • Cape Fear

    Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum star in Hollywood's classic tale of revenge and murder. Robert Mitchum is unforgettable as Max Cady, an ex-con determined to exact a terrible revenge on Sam Bowden (Gregory Peck) and his family. Sam is a small-town lawyer whose worst nightmare comes true when the criminal he helped put away returns to stalk his beautiful young wife (Polly Bergen) and teenage daughter (Lori Martin). Despite help from the local police chief (Martin Balsam) and a private detective (Telly Savalas), Sam is legally powerless to keep Max from playing his sadistic game of cat and mouse. Finally, Sam must put his family's lives at stake... [Read More]
    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full

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  • Robert De Niro Double Feature: Killing Season / Red Lights (Blu-ray)

    Robert De Niro Double Feature [Blu-ray] 68779751986 Movies
    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full
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  • Robert De Niro: Celebrity Biographies - eBook

    Ever wondered how Robert De Niro rose to stardom?Robert De Niro was born on August 17, 1943.He is an American producer, actor and director and has starred in over 90 films.His acting career was brought into limelight by the film Bang the Drum Slowly. Robert started his life in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York.His parents divorced when he was still young. De Niro did not graduate from high school.He is a man who knows how to build and sustain long term relationships.He has maintained some friends he had in his childhood.De Niro has always accepted diversified roles in movies.He
    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full
    Robert De Niro: Celebrity Biographies - eBook

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  • Taxi Driver sans Robert de Niro - eBook

    À Lima, quand on perd son emploi d'assistant juridique pour cause de conjoncture économique calamiteuse alors qu'on a charge de famille, en l'espèce un enfant atteint d'une maladie dégénérative coûteuse, et que l'on possède une Pontiac... devenir taxi s'impose comme une évidence.D'autant qu'il existe bien des manières de rendre l'activité plus lucrative, quitte à admettre quelques entorses à la loi ou à la morale. Dépouiller et vendre les clients en état d'ébriété par exemple.Un conte à forte dimension critique d'une société péruvienne déliquescente où la question de la survie impose sans doute de reconsidérer les frontières du bien et du
    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full
    Taxi Driver sans Robert de Niro - eBook

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  • Untouchable : A Biography of Robert De Niro

    From Mean Streets to Casino, Robert De Niro has dominated Hollywood for nearly a quarter of a century. Dynamic and electrifying, his performances have been consistently memorable, and the films he has made with director Martin Scorsese (including Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas) make a roll-call of some of the greatest cinema of our times. Despite his fame and success, De Niro's private existence is little known and has seldom been explored. Now, for the first time, here is the full story of this astonishing actor's life. Drawing on first-hand interviews with some of his closest friends and colleagues,
    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full
    From his amazing feature film performances to his roles as producer and director to his many notable guest appearances, De Niro started his career as early as 1965 and has since dominated the world of Hollywood. Untouchable will take you inside the life of this astonishing actor to provide a revealing and sometimes startling account of an intensely private man. Dougan provides information on actual life events that seemed to have had a profound effect on De Niro emotionally, and discusses De Niro's working and personal relationships with personalities such as Martin Scorcese, Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster, and Sharon Stone.

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  • Robert De Niro - eBook

    Robert De Niro: one of the most versatile and acclaimed actors of recent decades, famous for the uncompromising method approach he brings to roles ranging from the psychotic Travis Bickle in Martin Scorsese's seminal Taxi Driver, to the nerveless robber of Michael Mann's Heat and the loser in Tarantino's Jackie Brown. Robert De Niro: Movie Top Tens presents a chronological examination of ten of Robert De Niro's most important movies, which are analysed in illustrated, in-depth essays by some of the best cutting-edge film critics of today. The result is both an incisive overview of Robert De Niro as an
    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full
    Robert De Niro - eBook

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  • Robert De Niro Just a lucky guy

    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full
    For an actor who has given us some of the most critically-acclaimed performances in movie history, Robert De Niro sure has an interesting way of looking at his career. He talks with Lee Cowan about...

    Franscis Ford Coppola, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino - The Godfather and The Godfather Part II

    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full
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    Robert De Niro | Interview | TimesTalks

    Robert De Niro Inside The Actors Studio Full
    Oscar nominee Robert De Niro talks with New York Times daily book critic Janet Maslin - Robert De Niro stresses the importance of being ready and well prepared for a scene and ...
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