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  • Fat Freeze Cool Sculpting at Home

    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use

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  • The Importance of Venous Duplex Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Lower Limb Venous Disease.

    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use


  • PTS Portable Ultrasound Machine 3rd Edition (Model US1000)

    Get immediate results even when outside of the clinical environment with this Portable Ultrasound Machine 3rd Edition (US1000). This device generates deep heat through a piezoelectric crystal sound head. Unlike electrical modalities, personal care products such as ultrasound are unique in that the longitudinal waveform associated with sound is not electromagnetic in nature. The piezoelectric crystal converts electrical energy into a strong vibratory sound wave or ultrasound, a sound beyond the normal range of our hearing. Sound waves cause vibration in soft tissue cells, increasing temperature and inducing vasodilation. Treatment duration with this therapeutic ultrasound device is determined by the
    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use
    This device has three power output settings. It also helps relieve pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures.Portable Ultrasound Machine 3rd Edition (US1000):Power: switch adaptorInput: AC 100-240v, 50/60HzOutput: DC 24vFrequency: 1 MHZType: non focusingPulse width: 8% 0.5ms / 14% 1 ms / 29% 2msRepetition rate: 150 HzWaveform: pulseTemporal maximum power: 4WTemporal maximum effective intensity: 0.65 W/cmERA: 6.16 square centimeterBNR: Max 5.5:1Auto-time setting: 30 minutesOutput intensity: Low (8%), Medium (14%), High (29%)Size of the main unit: 172mm long x 54mm wide x 42mm highWeight of the main unit: 120gPersonal care products now with 3 power output settingsAdvance pain relief using sonic stimulation

    • UPC: 147150128
    • Model: DU1005
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 2.7

  • HoMedics Ultrasound Humidifier Cartridge, UHE-HDC4, 4.0 CT

    HoMedics Demineralization Cartridges are used in ultrasonic humidifiers to prevent mineral buildup and maintain efficient operation. They work with all HoMedics ultrasonic humidifiers that are sized one-gallon and larger. These humidifier cartridges are easy to use. Simply drop one into your device's water tank, and it will go to work. A new cartridge is necessary about every 30 to 40 fillings, though this number varies based on the hardness (mineral content) of your water. Reduce mineral buildup and stop "white dust" from forming in your humidifier with HoMedics Demineralization
    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use
    HoMedics Demineralization Cartridges, Blue:Helps to prevent calcium and lime buildup in your ultrasonic humidifierReduces mineral buildup and "white-dust" caused by hard water when used in ultrasonic humidifiersWorks with all HoMedics ultrasonic humidifiers (1 gal and larger)Simply drop 1 cartridge into water tankReplace cartridge every 30 to 40 fillings, depending on the water hardnessIncludes 4 blue ultrasonic humidifier demineralization cartridgesDimensions: 4.25"L x 1.00"W x 4.25"H1-year warrantyModel#

    • UPC: 37519669
    • Model: UHE-HDC4
    • Color: Blue
    • Rating: 4.4

  • US Pro 2000 Professional Series Ultrasound 2nd Edition

    Features:3 times stronger3 time modesClinical gradeFree ultrasound gel includedStrong and durable ultrasoundPortable carrying caseAdapter takes 100-240VSpecifications:Working frequency 1.0MHz±10Maximum value of power output 9.60W±20 (Duty cycle: 100%)Power output L: 2.88W±20%Power output M: 3.84W±20%Power output H: 4.80W±20%Modulate frequency 50Hz±10Modulate duty cycle: Adjustable, L(30%), M(40%), H(50%)Effective radiation area: 4.0cm2±20Maximume effective sound intensity 2.4W/cm2±20 (Duty cycle: 100%)Max RBN 5.0Beam type: CollimatedMaterial of the ultrasound head: AluminiumWorking voltage: 15VDCWorking current: Working current less than 1.0A,Static current less 80mAWorking time: Adjustable,5min, 10min,
    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use
    3 times stronger3 time modesClinical grade

    • UPC: 106750701
    • Model: DU3035
    • Color: White
    • Size: 1mHz Continuous Profesional Ultrasound + Heat
    • Rating: 3.8

  • Understanding Ultrasound Physics

    Understanding Ultrasound Physics
    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use
    Understanding Ultrasound Physics: Understanding Ultrasound Physics (Hardcover)

    • UPC: 23590924

  • Algebra Fundamentals for Ultrasound Techs : A Student's Guide

    Algebra Fundamentals for Ultrasound Techs: A Student's Guide
    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use
    Anyone who wants to become an ultrasound technologist knows that understanding algebra and how it serves as a foundation for physics is a top priority.In this compact guidebook, a longtime teacher who has helped many students provides clear

    • UPC: 23861402

  • What Is Therapeutic Ultrasound & How Does It Work

    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use
    This video explains what is going on when a patient goes to a physical therapy office, chiropractic office or Doctor's office and is given an ultrasound/ultrasonic treatment. How does ultrasound w...
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    Budget planning for Ultrasound Machine @ ULTRASOUNDINDIA

    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use
    We sell only technically competitive, latest and top-quality machines. Moreover, there is no hidden price and off-the-camera variations. Any refurbished machine comes from Niranjan Ultrasound India...

    HOW TO USE A HOME FETAL DOPPLER (Sonoline B) - Pregnant After Stillbirth - The Bumps Along the Way

    Rent An Ultrasound Machine For Home Use
    In this video I share with you my thoughts on using a home doppler device and show you our precious baby's heartbeat. PS - My husband has decided to revive his channel! So subscribe if you haven't...
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