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  • Pelvic Clock® Exercise Device for Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief

    Why use the Pelvic Clock exercise device?Lower back pain is often caused by a biomechanical imbalance. In our day-to-day lives, at least half of our core muscles remain unused, while the other half are stiff from overexertion. No treatment can guarantee permanent results. Spinal surgeries, cortisone shots, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, or physical therapy all must be followed by regular exercises to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment. There is no other way. Nobody is going to build muscles for you. Pelvic Clock exercise device is the first active solution for long term stabilization and alignment of lumbar, sacroiliac, and h...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B017RTE16A
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Pelvic Clock
    • UPC: 748252129598

  • Sacroiliac SI Hip Belt for Women and Men That Alleviate Sciatic, Pelvic, Lower Back and Leg Pain, Stabilize SI Joint | Trochanter Belt | Anti-Slip and Pilling-Resistant (Black, Regular)

    ►Effectiveness Vriksasana SI belt is designed specifically for the lateral lower back (zone 5) to help relieve lower back, hip and buttock pain. It provides stabilization and relief to the pelvic area through the compression from the primary belt, and additional, targeted support through the secondary straps. Vriksasana SI belt can help reduce acute pain that can come from sitting or standing too long. The belt can also immediately help increase joint stability and reduce inflammation of the sacroiliac joint while allowing the ligaments to repair. There is no downside of wearing the Vriksasana SI belt. The belt supports only the ligaments ...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B078K759HK
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Vriksasana Posture
    • UPC: 659153737075

  • Baby Belly Band Medium with Medium Compression Therapy Groin Straps Support for Vulvar Varicosities, Hernia, SPD, Pelvic Floor Pain Prolapse Maternity Postpartum Everyday Use

    Babybelly Abdominal, Maternity and Hip Support Band with Compression Therapy Groin Bands is recommended by doctors across the country. This purchase includes Babybelly Maternity Belly Band size Medium with an Add-On Extra Support Band to increase Abdominal and Back support, and a set of Medium Compression Therapy Groin Bands. (Medium fits size 8-10, 40-45"waist) The Babybelly maternity belt can be adjusted to your comfort and support. Relieve pregnancy, hip and abdominal strain. Add-On Extra support band Velcros fastens to the Abdominal Band providing extra lift and support. Velcro attachable and adjustable Compression Therapy Groin Bands sec...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B0024L5KQ2
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: CABEA
    • UPC: 702380889045

  • Sacroiliac Joint Brace SI Belt to Relieve Leg/Sciatica Nerve Pain, Lower Back Pain and Lower Spine and Hips Pain | Breathable, Comfortable, Anti-Slip Back Braces

    ⭐ Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a painful condition - one that worsens over time. Alleviate sciatica and back pain, sore muscles and reduce inflammation with the help of the RASSFIT Sacroiliac Joint Brace. Designed to be worn just above the trochanter region, which is located at the top of your femur, our advanced belt improves sacroiliac joint dysfunction so you can resume normal activities and live your life to the fullest!. ⭐ The sacroiliac joint can suffer from a multitude of conditions. You may have endured a muscle sprain, a herniated disc, or perhaps this joint is losing cartilage. Daily and nightly use of the RASSFIT SI Hip Bra...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B07KJJ93DZ
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Rassfit
    • UPC: 696304543727

  • Baby Belly Band - Pregnancy & Maternity Support Belt - For Abdominal, Hip, Back Support - Medium (Up to 44" Waist)

    Babybellyband Maternity and Hernia support belts by CABEA Orthopedic Designs. This unique abdominal band is recommended by doctors, midwives, and physical therapists as the most effective Best Maternity Band with the option to add on shoulder straps and compression therapy groin bands (sold separately). The Babybelly ABDOMINAL BAND (INCLUDED IN THIS PURCHASE) provides superb support for abdominal strain, round ligament pain, lower back or lumbar pain and SI joint or hip discomfort and stabilization, umbilical, abdominal, or incisional hernia, diastasis recti and cesarean section support. The Babybellyband is made of soft, FLEXIBLE custom fabr...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B0024KN00G
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Cabea
    • UPC: 700371322441

  • Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care Brand - Pregnancy Support - Waist/Back/Abdomen Band, Belly Brace (Black, Size L)

    The Neotech Care maternity belt helps alleviate lower back pain due to pregnancy by supporting the lumbar regions. It is designed for those suffering from lower back pain due to pregnancy. This pregnancy belt is meant to support the lower back by redistributing pressure more evenly on the surface area the back support covers. It has 4 elastic side panels adding support and compression while allowing your skin to breathe. Sizes: For this maternity girdle we recommend you to measure the circumference of your belly around the lower back and under your belly (see product pictures) and choose a belt according to the belt sizes in the description i...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B01GO2MHDK
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: NeoTech Care
    • UPC: 799562670751

  • GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Belt, BEST Medium Strength Pregnancy Support - Made in USA - Belly Band for Running & Exercising Moms, Abdominal and Lower Back Pain, Postpartum Recovery: MS-96

    The GABRIALLA MS-96 MATERNITY SUPPORT BELT provides the comfort and support you need to keep you healthy, comfortable and active throughout your pregnancy. The belt comes in a variety of colors and sizes and never uses tummy straps that can add unnecessary strain to your growing bump. GABRIALLA support belts add compression to help stabilize the hips, where ligaments are loose due to pelvic expansion and relaxation. The added compression provides excellent abdominal and lower back support, reducing pressure and pain residing in the lower back as well as creating warmth to encourage flexible muscles and therapeutic healing. Adjustable Velcro c...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B005DFD0MM
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: GABRIALLA
    • UPC: 656175010056

  • CABEA Babybellyband Sport Pregnancy Maternity Belt Abdominal Hip Back Support Black (Medium 8-10 up to 45" Waist, Black)

    Babybellyband SPORT is an abdominal, lumbar, hip support belt by CABEA Orthopedic Designs for Women and Men. Sleek design for ease of movement. Perfect for use during pregnancy, exercise, work, or everyday. Safe for Mom and Baby our Custom designed fabric is medical grade and meets all biocompatibility standards is lightweight, anti-microbial, breathable, foam based material with super soft outer layer of airy spandex also is Free of Latex. New Velcro is secure and long lasting. SPORT belly band Relieves abdominal, back, pregnancy or hernia pain by supporting the abdomen and back muscle structure. Designed to stabilize hip and lower back join...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B014AF6UOU
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: CABEA
    • UPC: 712395999561

  • Everyday Medical SI Belt - Sacroiliac Joint Belt for Men and Women I Hip Support Brace - Support and Alleviate Si Joint, Pelvis, Sacral, Sacrum, Hip and Sciatica Pain and Discomfort - Small/Medium

    Everyday Medical Hip Compressing Sacroiliac Belt:Getting a hip compression belt is the right thing to do if you suffer from SI pain. We have developed a high-quality sacroiliac belt which can keep your hip joints more stable while simultaneously alleviating the sensation of pain and discomfort in your lower back. This belt effectively holds the sacroiliac joints together so that your own ligaments are not stressed and the joints remain intact.Our SI joint belt is designed using premium, breathable materials which will stick to your waistline, so there is no worry that it will slip under your clothes. Thanks to its low-profile design, our belt...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B079583LL6
    • Color: Slim
    • Brand: Everyday Medical
    • UPC: 646223552836

  • Swing Balance300 Pelvic Posture Correction Stretching Body Modification Fitness Equipment Diet Slim Body Good Posture Relex Massage Therapy (Orange)

    Can you remove your belly fat without correcting Pelvic osteotomy? Use swing balance, and flabs are gone! Slim body! Healthy spine! Corrective pelvic osteotomy stretching Swing Balance 300 Is it really true that you can't do much About your body shape after giving a birth? Swing balance for women, Who gave a birth and getting stress from changed body shape. Why are celebrities still in good shape after giving a birth? What did they do? Did they really gave a birth? The secret is the corrective pelvic osteotomy ruined body shape after giving a birth! Diet can't be a solution for it. Corrective pelvic osteotomy is necessary to remove f...
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain

    • ASIN: B01KQ3KO2O
    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Swing Balance300
    • UPC: 742741254907

  • Is your back pain caused by pelvic floor dysfunction? Interview w/ Nicole Cozean

    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain
    Up to 95% of women with low back pain may have pelvic floor dysfunction, so how can you find out if this is the case for YOU? Today I'm joined by Dr. Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, who has created a tool ...
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    Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises for Pelvic Pain

    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain
    Pelvic floor relaxation exercises with Michelle Kenway Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. These 3 pelvic floor relaxation exercises help you relieve pelvic muscle spasm and pelvic pain. Please scrol...
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    Guided Meditation for Pelvic Floor Relaxation | FemFusion Fitness

    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Lower Back Pain
    Relax and release pelvic tension with this short guided meditation. Perfect for anyone with pelvic pain or pelvic floor dysfunction; also ideal for ANYONE who carries stress in their pelvic region ...
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