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  • NOW Foods, Sunflower Seeds, Raw and Unsalted, Hulled for Great Taste, Excellent Source of Vitamin E and Magnesium, Grown in The USA, Certified Non-GMO, 1-Pound

    The Sunflower is one of the largest flowers in the world. And while its tiny seeds aren't nearly as big, they make up for it by being big on nutrition! As with many nuts and seeds, Sunflower Seeds are a good source of fiber, and they offer a diverse profile of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and magnesium.
    Organic Seed Companies Not Owned By Monsanto

    • ASIN: B075CB5B5D
    • Brand: Now Foods
    • UPC: 733739070524

  • Mini Microgreens Growing Kit - Radish - Grow Your Own Organic Gourmet Micro Greens Indoors: Salad, Sandwich & Garnish - Easy & Fun - Great Gift or Stocking Stuffer

    These single serve mini microgreens kits are a fun and inexpensive way to start growing microgreens for sandwiches, salads and garnishes. Choose from Radish, Arugula, Sunflower, Red Streaks Mizuna Mustard, Pea Shoots and Salad Mix. Makes a great gift idea and stocking stuffer. These kits are a fun way to start growing microgreens. Perfect for garnishes, adding to salads and sandwiches, science experiments and more. Makes a great gift or stocking
    Organic Seed Companies Not Owned By Monsanto
    Radish Mini-Microgreens Kit - Everything you need to grow microgreens indoors in about 10 days -- Easy & Fun - Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer -- Each Kit Includes: Growing Container, Humidity Lid, Pre-fertilized Soil Puck, Organic Seeds, Mist Sprayer, Detailed Instructions -- Grow your own organic microgreens on your kitchen countertop -- Mountain Valley Seed Company Brand

    • UPC: 528599032
    • Model: 20520
    • Color: RadishOther

  • Monsanto Hopes to Sell More GMOs in India

    Organic Seed Companies Not Owned By Monsanto
    US-based Monsanto and its partners in India have been selling farmers genetically modified seeds for cotton crops for years. Now the companies want to sell GMO seeds for food crops as well. Photo:...
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    Monsanto: The Company that Owns the World’s Food Supply

    Organic Seed Companies Not Owned By Monsanto
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    Seed Control & GMO Companies (Demon Seed)

    Organic Seed Companies Not Owned By Monsanto
    In the last several years, a number of international agri-conglomerates have consolidated their hold over the very garden seed we plant. This brings some of the same problems — loss of seed diversi...
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