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  • Birds of Western Ecuador: A Photographic Guide

    The ultimate photographic guide to the birds of western EcuadorWestern Ecuador is famed for its astonishingly diverse birdlife, from colorful hummingbirds and outrageous toucans to more difficult groups like raptors, flycatchers, and ovenbirds. Here is the ultimate photographic guide to the spectacular birds of this region. Featuring nearly 1,500 stunning color photos of 946 species, this richly detailed and taxonomically sophisticated field guide will help you with even the toughest identification challenges. Species accounts, photos, and color distribution maps appear side by side, making it easier than ever to find what you are looking for...
    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica

    • ASIN: 0691157804

  • Mammals, Amphibians, and Reptiles of Costa Rica: A Field Guide (Corrie Herring Hooks Series)

    To help visitors, as well as local residents, identify and enjoy the wildlife of Costa Rica, Carrol L. Henderson published Field Guide to the Wildlife of Costa Rica in 2002, and it instantly became the indispensable guide. Now Henderson has created a field guide dedicated to the monkeys, sloths, treefrogs, lizards, crocodiles, and other animals that travelers are most likely to see while exploring the wild lands of Costa Rica. He includes fascinating information on their natural history, ecology, identification, and behavior gleaned from his forty years of travels, studies, and wildlife viewing in Costa Rica, as well as details on where to se...
    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica

    • ASIN: 0292722745

  • The Birds of Panama: A Field Guide (Zona Tropical Publications)

    The isthmus of Panama, where North and South America meet, hosts more bird species than all of North America. More accessible than ever to birdwatchers and other ecotourists, the country has become a premier neotropical birding and nature tourism destination in recent years. The Birds of Panama will be an essential tool for the new generation of birders traveling in search of Panama's spectacular avifauna. This user-friendly, portable, and affordable identification guide features:•large color illustrations of more than 900 species;•the first range maps published to show the distribution of Panama's birds;•concise text that describes fie...
    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica

    • ASIN: 0801476747

  • The Birds of Ecuador: Field Guide

    This two-volume set of The Birds of Ecuador includes Status, Distribution, and Taxonomy, which contains detailed information on the ecology, status, and distribution of all species, and Field Guide, which contains 96 full-color plates and facing pages of descriptive text, a color map of Ecuador, two line drawings of bird anatomy, 115 silhouette outlines, and nearly 1600 distribution maps. All species are illustrated in full color, including migrants and vagrants and visually distinctive subspecies. The text focuses on the field identification aspects of each species, including their behavior, vocalizations, and nest appearance. This set is sl...
    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica

    • ASIN: 0801487218

  • Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba (Comstock Books)

    The richness and diversity of Cuban birdlife features 354 recorded species that represent 20 orders and 60 families. The 21 living endemic species include the charming Cuban Tody, the striking and elegant Cuban Trogon (the national bird), the colorful Cuban Green Woodpecker, and the smallest of all birds, the Bee Hummingbird.This compact and portable field reference will help Cubans, visitors from abroad, and bird enthusiasts identify and enjoy the island's avifauna. The 51 color plates and 662 images accurately illustrate male, female, and juvenile plumages (in some cases for the first time). Many migratory species are depicted in both winte...
    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica

    • ASIN: 0801486319

  • Safari Ltd Rainforest TOOB

    11 pieces per TOOB. Contents Cannot Be Purchased Individually. Discover a beautiful world of creatures that crawl, fly, hop, and slither with our Rainforest Toob! This Toob contains a red and blue macaw, red eye tree frog, poison dart frog, caiman, emerald tree boa, toco toucan, iguana, anteater, spider monkey, tapir, and a jaguar. Characteristics: Lounge around in the trees with the marigold jaguar, crack some tough nuts with the toucan, or cool off in the river with some caiman. No matter, what you decide to do, these rainforest themed figurines are alive with color and character, and were individually hand painted with true to life detail....
    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica

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  • Tiny Footprint Coffee - Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast |Whole Bean Coffee | USDA Organic | Fair Trade Certified | Carbon Negative | 16 Ounce

    Tiny Footprint Coffee, the world’s first carbon negative coffee. Through a unique collaboration between Roastery 7 and the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation, one an Artisan coffee roastery and the other a nonprofit conservation organization, the two teamed up to create the ultimate combination of good karma. So, how is our coffee carbon negative you might ask? It’s simple, really. It takes 4 lbs. of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb. of our coffee. For every pound that’s sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest. Over time, these trees will remove 54 lbs. of CO2 from the atmosphere. Yo...
    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica

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  • Birds of Costa Rica

    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica
    Birds of Costa Rica. Total 129 species. Filmed during a 5-week trip in December 2018/January 2019. Species shown: Turquoise-browed Motmot, Lesson’s Motmot, Ringed Kingfisher, Green Kingfisher, Ye...
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    Too many birds to recognize in Costa Rica

    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica
    Have you ever met any bilingual bird before? Here we have one. This green parrot can greet you in both English and Spanish. Don't be surprised. It's just one of the avian marvels in Costa Rica. T...

    Costa Rica Birds - Updated 2017

    Number Of Bird Species In Costa Rica
    Renée & Dave revisit Costa Rica - March 2017
    Costa Rica,Trogon,Osa,Quetzel,Tranquilo