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  • Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love: Daily Meditations to Help You Through the Grieving Process

    Few losses are as painful as the death of someone close. No valley is as vast as grief, no journey as personal and life changing. Compassionate and wise guides Raymond Mitsch and Lynn Brookside shine a light on the road through grief. They can help you endure the anguish and uncertainty; understand the cycles of grief; sort through the emotions of anger, guilt, fear, and depression; and face the God who allowed you to lose the one you love. A series of thoughtful daily devotions, Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love shares wisdom, insight, and comfort that will help you through and beyond your grief....
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations For Working Through Grief

    The classic guide for dealing with grief and lossFor those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, here are thoughtful words to strengthen, inspire and comfort.
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • It's OK That You're Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand

    As seen in THE NEW YORK TIMES • READER'S DIGEST • SPIRITUALITY & HEALTH • HUFFPOSTFeatured on NPR's RADIO TIMES and WISCONSIN PUBLIC RADIO When a painful loss or life-shattering event upends your world, here is the first thing to know: there is nothing wrong with grief. "Grief is simply love in its most wild and painful form," says Megan Devine. "It is a natural and sane response to loss." So, why does our culture treat grief like a disease to be cured as quickly as possible? In It’s OK That You’re Not OK, Megan Devine offers a profound new approach to both the experience of grief and the way we try to help others who have endured t...
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child (Good Grief Series)

    "A truly healing book." - Glen Lord, President, The Compassionate FriendsUnthinkable. Unbelievable. Heartbreaking. Whatever words we choose, they all fall far short of the reality. The loss of a child is a terrible thing.Accidents. Disease. Suicide. School shootings. Murder. Natural disasters. War. No matter how or when, the death of a child (no matter what age) can shatter the heart.How do you survive this? Can you?Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child was written to help.Bestselling author, hospice chaplain, and grief specialist Gary Roe uses his three decades of experience interacting with grieving parents to give us this heartfelt, ea...
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving, Coping and Healing After the Sudden Death of a Loved One

    The grief books that just "gets it".Each year about eight million Americans suffer the unexpected death of a loved one. For those who face the challenges of sudden death, the classic guide I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye offers a comforting hand to hold, written by two authors who have experienced it firsthand.Acting as a touchstone of sanity through difficult times, this book covers such difficult topics as: The first few weeks Suicide Death of a Child Children and Grief Funerals and Rituals Physical effects Homicide DepressionFeatured on ABC World News, Fox and Friends and many other shows, this book has offered solace to over eight t...
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • Please Be Patient, I'm Grieving: How to Care For and Support the Grieving Heart (Good Grief Series)

    Please Be Patient, I'm Grieving is a Best Book Awards Finalist "After my wife died, I wish I'd had copies of this book to pass on to my friends. They meant well; that didn't make them helpful. Many will benefit from this easy-to-read book." -Cecil Murphey, New York Times bestselling author of more than 130 books Loss hurts. It's tough to go through, and painful to watch.Do you know someone who's grieving and wish you could help?Are you the one grieving and wonder if what you're going through is normal? Do you wish those around you understood you better?This book has answers.This practical and easy-to-read book provides the answers you need...
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • Healing After the Loss of Your Mother: A Grief & Comfort Manual

    HEALING AFTER THE LOSS OF YOUR MOTHER is a heartfelt and practical guidebook for those mourning the loss of their mother & for supporters hoping to help a loved one through grief. Like a compassionate friend, author Elaine Mallon captures the raw, unique pain of losing your mother with empathy, honesty, and eloquence. She tenderly walks the reader through each step of the grieving process, offering straightforward answers to many common questions and addressing fears faced by those in grieving, as well. This is an essential step-by-step guidebook for anyone uncertain about what to do or where to turn after their mother’s death. For those...
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • Grieving Mindfully: A Compassionate and Spiritual Guide to Coping with Loss

    Grief is a personal journey, never the same for any two people and as unique as your life and your relationships. Although loss is an inevitable part of life, how you approach this fact can make the difference between meaningless pain and the manifestation of understanding and wisdom. This book describes a mindful approach to dealing with grief that can help you make that difference. By walking this mindful path, you will discover that you are capable of transforming and healing the grief you carry and finding the spiritual and emotional resilience you need to move through this challenging time. These mindfulness practices, explained here in...
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • Grieving the Death of a Mother

    A mother's death can make a shambles of schedules, priorities, agendas, commitments, and, sometimes, even our most important relationships. A mother's last breath inevitably changes us. Drawing on his own experience of loss, as well as those of others, Harold Ivan Smith guides readers through their grief, from the process of dying through the acts of remembering and honoring a mother after her death.
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • Grieving the Child I Never Knew: A Devotional for Comfort in the Loss of Your Unborn or Newly Born Child

    Warm, encouraging and truly helpful for anyone experiencing the terrible loss of a baby.When the anticipation of your child’s birth turns into the grief of miscarriage, tubal pregnancy, stillbirth, or early infant death, no words on earth can ease your loss. But there is strength and encouragement in the wisdom of others who have been there and found that God’s comfort is real.Having experienced three miscarriages and the death of an infant son, Kathe Wunnenberg knows the deep anguish of losing a child. Grieving the Child I Never Knew was born from her personal journey through sorrow. It is a wise and tender companion for mothers whose he...
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother

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  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery : 101 Inspirational and Comforting Stories about Surviving the Loss of a Loved One

    Everyone grieves in his or her own way. While the hurt and sadness never completely fade, it eases with time. Contributors who have gone through the grieving and recovery process share their stories, offering guidance and support, in this collection of personal and poignant
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother
    Readers mourning the loss of a loved one will find solace and strength in these 101 emotional and inspiration stories from those who have gone through the grieving process. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery will help readers during this difficult time.Everyone grieves in their own way. While the hurt and sadness never completely fade, it eases with time. Contributors who have gone through the grieving and recovery process share their stories, offering guidance and support in this collection of personal and poignant stories. With its stories of regaining strength, appreciating life, coping, and faith, Chicken Soup for

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  • Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul : Stories About Life, Death and Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One

    Originally published: Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, c2003.
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother
    When you're grieving, it helps to read stories from other people who have been through the same thing.  Losing a family member or dear friend is a shared human experience.  You'll find comfort, inspiration and camraderie in these revealing personal stories from other people who have lost loved ones.

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  • Hope & Healing for Transcending Loss : Daily Meditations for Those Who Are Grieving

    Ashley Davis Bush published Transcending Loss (Berkley) in 1997. Since then she has grown her Transcending Loss brand by becoming a soughtafter speaker for professional conferences and by reaching out directly to the bereaved through online communities where she has established tens of thousands of followers.In her new book Hope & Healing for Transcending Loss, Davis Bush offers daily readingsbitesized lifelines and glimpses of hope for those coping with the death of a loved one. The comprises a brief introduction, a brief conclusion, and 365 daily meditations, plus a few additional pieces for particularly difficult occasions like death date, birth
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother
    When we lose someone close, it's easy to feel unmoored. We need to find a new rhythm to our days and new ways to connect to the ones we've lost. Ashley Davis Bush wrote this book to offer you just that: small doses of comfort and hope for getting through your day when you are still heavy with grief. Each bite-sized reading offers reassurance that healing is possible, whether it's an ordinary day of living with loss or a special anniversary day. Poetic words, combined with photographic images throughout the book, help provide solace along with the perspective that love

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  • At a Loss: How to Help a Grieving Friend - eBook

    This powerful little book will help you help a friend, partner, relative, coworker, or classmate — anyone you care about — who has suffered the loss of someone they love. Is someone you know suffering the depths of grief? Are you at a loss for what to say, what to do, how to help?Millions of people grieve every day, and for every bereaved person, there are those who are not grieving but want to help the one who is—countless people at any given time. The problem is, most people in our society do not know anything about grief when they
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother
    At a Loss: How to Help a Grieving Friend - eBook

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  • The Loss of a Pet : A Guide to Coping with the Grieving Process When a Pet Dies

    Helps newly bereaved pet owners through the grief, pain, and confusion that follow the death of a pet, explaining each stage of the bereavement process and how to make it less
    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother
    Understanding helps heal the hurt when you lose a pet. This award-winning book has been hailed as the seminal work in the field. And now the fourth newly revised and expanded edition offers so much more to the bereaving pet owner. This edition also includes a significant new way of considering the meaning of afterlife for us and our pets. It discusses the topic from a twenty-first century scientific perspective that is very different from existing religious or metaphysical ones, offering a new comfort to skeptics and agnostics as well. This book will help you in your healing from that

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  • Grieving The Death Of A Parent

    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother
    Mark Smith, LCSW discusses the painful process of losing a parent. Mark has lost both of his parents and he was stirred to make this video due to the August 6th seventeenth anniversary of his Moth...
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    Three Years After My Mother Died - On Grieving, Death and Moving On

    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother
    One of the readers of my blog sent me an email asking for advice on dealing with the death of a loved one, and thanking me for the honest posts I wrote following my own mother's death in December 2...
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    Tips to Get Through the Grieving Process -- Dr. Phil

    Help With Grieving The Loss Of A Mother
    Crystal says her husband was shot and killed by a man who he thought was a good friend. The gunman claims self-defense — but was it? Buy Life Code: S...