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  • Grant Invades Tennessee: The 1862 Battles for Forts Henry and Donelson (Modern War Studies)

    When General Ulysses S. Grant targeted Forts Henry and Donelson, he penetrated the Confederacy at one of its most vulnerable points, setting in motion events that would elevate his own status, demoralize the Confederate leadership and citizenry, and, significantly, tear the western Confederacy asunder. More to the point, the two battles of early 1862 opened the Tennessee River campaign that would prove critical to the ultimate Union victory in the Mississippi Valley. In Grant Invades Tennessee, award-winning Civil War historian Timothy B. Smith gives readers a battlefield view of the fight for Forts Henry and Donelson, as well as a critical w...
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 1: Fort Sumter to Perryville (Vintage Civil War Library)

    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • Forts Henry Donelson Civil War Gift Ideas Antique Map 1895 Decor Ideas

    This one of a kind original antique map of Forts Henry and Donelson comes from the Atlas to accompany the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. Published under the direction of the Hons. Redfield Proctor, Stephen B. Elkins and Daniel S. Lamont, secretaries of war. By Maj. George B. Davis, U.S. Army, Mr. Leslie J. Perry, civilian expert, Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley, civilian expert, Board of Publication. Compiled by Capt. Calvin D. Cowles, 23d U.S. Infantry. Printed at the U.S. Government printing office Washington D.C. between the years 1891 and 1895. This atlas was issued, unbound, in several different mailings by subscription betw...
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • Where the South Lost the War: An Analysis of the Fort Henry-Fort Donelson Campaign, February 1862 (The American Civil War)

    Selected as Honorable Mention for the 2004 Albert Castel Book Award.
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • Unconditional Surrender: The Capture of Forts Henry and Donelson (Civil War Campaigns and Commanders Series)

    Civil War scholars and buffs alike have long differed on the turning point of the war. Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga, to name but a few, have garnered attention as turning points. Seldom do the names of Forts Henry and Donelson enter the argument. But as prolific military historian Spencer C. Tucker points out, the capture of these river bastions in Tennessee became the first important Federal victories of a war still in its infancy.From the beginning Union leaders devised a plan to capitalize on their command of America's waterways as a means of dividing and conquering the Confederacy. Large, navigable rivers such as the Mississippi...
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • War on the Waters: The Union and Confederate Navies, 1861-1865 (Littlefield History of the Civil War Era)

    Although previously undervalued for their strategic impact because they represented only a small percentage of total forces, the Union and Confederate navies were crucial to the outcome of the Civil War. In War on the Waters, James M. McPherson has crafted an enlightening, at times harrowing, and ultimately thrilling account of the war's naval campaigns and their military leaders. McPherson recounts how the Union navy's blockade of the Confederate coast, leaky as a sieve in the war's early months, became increasingly effective as it choked off vital imports and exports. Meanwhile, the Confederate navy, dwarfed by its giant adversary, demonstr...
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • Historic 1914 Map | Campaigns of The American Civil War-Atlas | Fort Henry and Fort Donelson | American Civil War Atlas 64in x 44in

    Campaigns of the American Civil War--atlasWe print high quality reproductions of historical maps, photographs, prints, etc. Because of their historical nature, some of these images may show signs of wear and tear - small rips, stains, creases, etc. We believe that in many cases this contributes to the historical character of the item.
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • The Battle of Forts Henry and Donelson (The American Civil War)

    When the Southern States seceded and organized the Confederacy, Kentucky wavered between Union and Secession. The governor was for Secession, but the legislature was for the Union. So the State, which had been brought up in the school of compromise by her greatest statesman, Henry Clay, compromised in this instance by undertaking to remain neutral. For a time the United States and the Confederacy appeared tacitly to recognize the neutrality of her soil, while both recruited regiments among her people. The first violation of her neutrality was done by General Leonidas Polk, who, with a Confederate force, occupied Columbus on the 3rd of Septemb...
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • Civil War Map Reprint: Original maps of Forts Henry & Donelson and vicinity.

    Image reprinted from the Civil War Map Collection, which contains thousands of images of Civil War era maps.
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • Politician in Uniform: General Lew Wallace and the Civil War

    Lew Wallace (1827–1905) won fame for his novel, Ben-Hur, and for his negotiations with William H. Bonney, aka Billy the Kid, during the Lincoln County Wars of 1878–81. He was a successful lawyer, a notable Indiana politician, and a capable military administrator. And yet, as history and his own memoir tell us, Wallace would have traded all these accolades for a moment of military glory in the Civil War to save the Union. Where previous accounts have sought to discredit or defend Wallace’s performance as a general in the war, author Christopher R. Mortenson takes a more nuanced approach. Combining military biography, historical analysis,...
    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War

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  • Capture of the Ft Henry and Ft Donelson

    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War
    On February 6th 1862, Union soldiers under General Grant attacked Fort Henry on the Tennessee River. The Fort quickly surrendered after a bombardment from Union ships. Federal troops soon surrounde...
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    1862: The Rise of Ulysses S. Grant

    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War
    The National Portrait Gallery's Warren Perry discusses Grant's victories at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson, both in northwest Tennessee. Filmed in February, 2012. This video is part of our ongoing...
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    The Civil War in the West: Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, and Shiloh

    Fort Henry And Fort Donelson Civil War