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  • Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs & Cats

    Put An End To Your Pet’s Shedding Fast, Easily & Safely With A Stunning Deshedding Brush!Tired of your puppy’s loose hair spoiling your furniture, floors and carpets?Sick of the thick layer of cat hair on all your clothes?Well, this is the end of an era!We are offering you a high-end dog and cat deshedding tool to make your pet grooming more efficient, effortless and effective from the convenience of your home!Pro Deshedding Services For Healthy, Happy Pets!No more worries about persistent tangles and loose pet dead hair floating in the air!We are making removing burrs, leaves and weeds off your dog’s coat a one-handed operation, thanks...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B01M5DS0Z7
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Pet Neat
    • UPC: 659676369234

  • [Upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove - Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove - Efficient Pet Hair Remover Mitt - Enhanced Five Finger Design - Perfect for Dog & Cat with Long & Short Fur - 1 Pair (Blue)

    Slip on the Delomo pet grooming glove and keep your pet's coat looking clean and healthy while reducing the hair scattered about the house!Keeping your dog's or cat's coat brushed regularly is important for their overall health, as well as yours - and the Delomo Pet Grooming and Deshedding Gloves make it easier and more efficient than ever before!Brush Away the MessThis flexible, slip-on grooming gloves allow you to brush away dirt, grime and loose hair from cats, dogs and horses of all shapes and sizes. More importantly, it helps stimulate the healthy oils on their skin which can improve the softness and radiance of their coat.A Healthier Ho...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B01N9KSITZ
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: DELOMO

  • Pet Grooming Gloves - Left & Right - Enhanced Five Finger Design - for Cats, Dogs & Horses - Long & Short Fur - Gentle De-Shedding Brush - Your Pet Will Love It

    LOVE YOUR PET BUT NOT THE SHEDDING? We have great solution to your hairy problems! Try our "Pat Your Pet" Grooming Gloves and completely forget about shedding like an awful nightmare. Get rid of hairballs before they appear once and for all! With Two-Hands Performance you'll achieve twice faster and more impressive grooming results while just petting and stroking your pet! No more stressful chasing trying to comb out your pet. Our high quality Grooming Gloves were designed to be extremely gentle with your pet bringing only satisfaction and pleasure. BENEFITS & FEATURES You'll Get Left & Right Gloves - Use your both hands while grooming y...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B01N0NXG3W
    • Color: BLACK&BLUE
    • Brand: Pat Your Pet
    • UPC: 709886688691

  • SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool (5 inch)

    So simple, so effective! We are sure that you will be telling your friends about your SleekEZ. Shed loose hair and embedded dirt and dander from the coat year round without irritating the horse. We promise that you will be completely in love with this item come shedding season and all year long. No honing the edges required, and the 10-inch length allows users to use two hands and quickly remove unhealthy/dead hair, dirt and dander. Just simply swipe the metal teeth with a soft horse brush from your tack box to remove dirt build up, continue brushing and see that sleek pony appear! SleekEZ's handle is constructed of poplar wood treated to pro...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B00VC8DQX2
    • Brand: SleekEZ
    • UPC: 731236552734

  • Olive & Suds: Scratch/Bite Resistant Protective Gloves for Bathing, Grooming & Handling Cats, Small Dogs, Other Small Animals

    Olive & Suds protective bathing and handling gloves are scratch-resistant, bite-resistant protective gloves designed to wear while bathing and grooming cats, small dogs, birds, rodents, & other small animals. The extra-long sleeve extends over the forearm. Our gloves are made from a tightly-knit microfiber and reinforced with high-density foam. This allows flexibility and comfort for both you and the animal while still offering a good layer of scratch/bite resistance (not 100% bite/scratch-proof). Caring for the gloves is easy. Simply wring out and hang to dry after each use. Give your critter a clean coat and help keep yourself scratch-free!...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B01ITR80C0
    • Brand: Olive & Suds
    • UPC: 697691504193

  • Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush- Slicker Pet Grooming Brush- Shedding Grooming Tools(Blue)

    Specifications:Color:Black+BlueMaterial:Rubber and Stainless steelSize: 6.3" x 3.96" ( length x width )brush pin length: 0.4"handle length: 3.7" Features:1.The Pet Portal Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is the Perfect brush for your dogs and cats. It is able to Effectively remove mats, tangles, dirt, and loose fur from your pet's coats with Minimal effort.2. Glendan slicker brush works well on cat and dog, The large size slicker brush for husky and satsuma, medium-sized or large-sized dogs, the one size slicker brush for yorkie poodle puppy, small-sized dogs; No matter what type of dogs you are raising, you will find a suitable cat dog shedding b...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B071HFZB6V
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Glendan
    • UPC: 716045881350

  • DakPets Deshedding Brush-Dog Hair & Cat Hair Shedding Tool with Stainless Steel Trimming Blade-Effective Grooming Tool for Cats Dogs with Short Medium

    Here's A Quick, Easy, Clean Way to Remove the Loose, Dead Undercoat, while Gaining A Shiny Top Coat, IN A MATTER OF MINUTES- GUARANTEED! Sick & Tired of your pet dropping hair ALL over the house & in the car? Fact is- dogs & cats shed ALOT; So, if you are looking for a sure fire way to reduce shedding by up to 95%, without damaging the topcoat, whilst promoting healthier skin & a shiny top coat then this may be the most important page you've read today. Our deshedding & light trimming tool will dramatically reduce shedding after just one 15 minute session. It is developed by Pet Care EXPERTS who specialize in dog + cat grooming tools. ...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B00CD0H1ZC
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: DakPets
    • UPC: 738600467496

  • Chirpy Pets Dog & Cat Brush for Shedding, Best Long & Short Hair Pet Grooming Tool, Reduces Dogs and Cats Shedding Hair by More Than 90%, The Deshedding Tool

    AMAZING: .."Remove Up to 90% of Shedding Loose Fur Within 5 Mins Using The Chirpy Pets Cat & Dog Brush."BENEFIT 1# - Grooming is Proven to be healthy for dogs & cats.Our deshedding tool will help to reduce allergies that can be caused by loose animal hairIncreases bonding - Animals groom each other to improve social bonding. The same is true when you groom your dog or cat. The bond between you and your pet increasesIn cats, regular grooming will also decrease the frequency of hairballs (cat vomiting). This is because your cat won't have to self-groom as much.BENEFIT 2# - Grooming Using Our Tool Will Save You Money!By reducing the amount of lo...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B0178VW3PS
    • Color: black
    • Brand: Chirpy Pets
    • UPC: 700315589862

  • JOY FOR ALL Ageless Innovation Companion Pets | Black & White Tuxedo Cat | Lifelike & Realistic

    Give the gift of interactive companionship with the Joy For All Companion pet cat.Our companion pet cats can provide a rich experience for older adults by allowing them to recreate some of the delightful moments of owning a pet without the responsibility. These kitties look, feel, and sound like the real thing.Thanks to built-in sensor technology, the companion pet cats respond to petting and motion much like the cats you know and love. This two-way interaction helps create a personally rich experience that can bring fun, joy, and friendship to an older adult in your life. We highly recommend this companion pet cat for anyone. It will bring b...
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B078FFX7Q8
    • Color: Black and White
    • Brand: JOY FOR ALL
    • UPC: 630509650798

  • GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs

    Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals

    • ASIN: B00OIOB90E
    • Color: Orange and Grey
    • Brand: GoPets
    • UPC: 787421391930

  • What It's Like to Be a Dog : And Other Adventures in Animal Neuroscience

    "What is it like to be a dog? A bat? Or a dolphin? To find out, neuroscientist Gregory Berns and his team began with a radical step: they taught dogs to go into an MRI scanner-completely awake. They discovered what makes dogs individuals with varying capacities for self-control, different value systems, and a complex understanding of human speech. And dogs were just the beginning. In What It's Like to Be a Dog, Berns explores the fascinating inner lives of wild animals from dolphins and sea lions to the extinct Tasmanian tiger. Much as Silent Spring transformed how we thought about
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals
    "Dog lovers and neuroscientists should both read this important book." --Dr. Temple GrandinWhat is it like to be a dog? A bat? Or a dolphin? To find out, neuroscientist and bestselling author Gregory Berns and his team did something nobody had ever attempted: they trained dogs to go into an MRI scanner--completely awake--so they could figure out what they think and feel. And dogs were just the beginning. In What It's Like to Be a Dog, Berns takes us into the minds of wild animals: sea lions who can learn to dance, dolphins who can see with sound, and even

    • UPC: 55833414
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Smells Like Dog

    From the author of "To Catch a Mermaid" comes the story of Homer Pudding, an ordinary farm boy who dreams of going on grand adventures like his uncle, the famous
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals
    Meet Homer Pudding, an ordinary farm boy who's got big dreams-to follow in the footsteps of his famous treasure-hunting uncle. But when Uncle Drake mysteriously disappears, Homer inherits two things: a lazy, droopy dog with no sense of smell, and a mystery.Why would his uncle call this clumsy dog his "most treasured possession?" And why did he put a gold coin on the dog's collar?And who will continue Uncle Drake's quest-to find the most coveted pirate treasure in the world?Join Homer, his sister Gwendolyn, and Dog on an adventure that will test their wits and courage as they leave their

    • UPC: 15182961
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Marley : A Dog Like No Other

    Faithfully adapted from the #1 "New York Times" bestselling memoir "Marley & Me," this middle-grade nonfiction book introduces younger readers to Marley, a lovable Labrador retriever who is always getting himself into
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals
    Make way for Marley!When the Grogan family is ready for a dog, they choose Marley, a yellow furball of a puppy who quickly grows into a large, rowdy Labrador retriever. Marley has a zest for life, and as he grows, so does his enthusiasm. He has an appetite for whatever he can get his paws on--from fine jewelry to underwear--and the one thing he always finds is trouble. Marley even gets kicked out of obedience school! Can this rambunctious pup ever learn how to be a good

    • UPC: 7896248
    • Rating: 3.714

  • Cute Needle Felted Animal Friends: Adorable Cats, Dogs and Other Pets (Paperback)

    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals
    "Susa's approach to needle felting will give beginners the know-how to get started, but experienced felters will also appreciate her whimsical designs." --Library Journal Cute Needle Felted Animal Friends shows you how to create lifelike felted figures that remind you of the pets you love--using a little wool roving, a felting needle, and a few basic tools and techniques. Even more than this, it shows you how to capture their adorable expressions when they're playing hard, napping, or just happy to see you. A sweetly cocked head, perky ears, and a tail that makes you think it's actually wagging--the charm

    • UPC: 941766970

  • Bad Kitty Does Not Like Dogs

    "Kitty wants to sleep. Puppy wants to play. Can they compromise?"--
    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals
    Kitty wants to take a nap. Kitty always wants to take a nap. But Puppy wants to play! Can Kitty convince Puppy that sleeping is far more fun than playing? Find out in this riotous story featuring your favorite cranky cat and his slobbery nemesis-complete with a full page of stickers, perfect for you to stick all over your pals as they

    • UPC: 43376407

  • Crazy Dog Grooming!

    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals You won't believe these crazy dog groomings. Puppy City has been around for over 50 years, we pride ourselves in being the home for quality puppies. Call today! 718-332-...

    Doggy Style - World’s Craziest Dog Grooming | CUTE AS FLUFF

    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals
    SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: Step into the weird and wonderful world of creative dog grooming, where pet groomers gather each year in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to showcase the...
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    Angela Kumpe's Extreme Dog Grooming

    Dogs Groomed To Look Like Other Animals
    Angela Kumpe shows off her extreme dog grooming art for Queen Latifah.
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