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    Developing C41 In Black And White Chemicals

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    Developing C41 In Black And White Chemicals

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    Developing C41 In Black And White Chemicals

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    Developing C41 In Black And White Chemicals
    A comment from William Eggers spured me on to try this out. C41 Agfa Vista 200 colour film developed in Black & White Chemicals and making a print. Also taking a colour negative into the darkroom ...
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    Kodak Vision3 in black and white chemicals

    Developing C41 In Black And White Chemicals
    For this episode, I'll shoot and develop some Kodak Vision3 200T in Kodak D-76 developer. Will it suck or not? We'll find out. My zines are here: If you want to support my ...
    vision3,200T,D-76,developing,cross processing,how to develop color film,black and white chemicals

    Experiment Developing Color Film in B&W Chemicals

    Developing C41 In Black And White Chemicals
    I read somewhere that you can develop colour film in black and white chemicals so since colour film costs less than black and white film I thought I'd give it a try!