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  • Genie GIRUD-1T Alleviates Frequency Interference in Garage Door Opener Remotes Upgrades Most Major Brands to Intellicode Security, Black

    Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems are used by military bases across the US and were implemented as part of the nation’s Homeland Security efforts. If you have a garage door opener that operates on frequencies of 380-400 MHz and you live within 50 miles of a military base, your garage door opener could be affected and appear to have short range. In this case, the Genie GIRUD-1T Universal Conversion Kit can help. It works on auto-seek dual frequency technology that will automatically seek either the 315 or 390 MHz frequency produced by a remote, helping to ensure the opener will respond regardless of nearby frequency interference. The Genie Uni...
    955d Universal Remote Control Replacement Kit Manual

    • ASIN: B000RYV05S
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Genie
    • UPC: 050049015640

  • DIRECTV (now AT&T) Replacement Remote Control Kit with Extra-Long Life Batteries, and Proprietary Code List and Programming Manual, Model RC73

    -Includes Remote Control, Two Long-Life AA Batteries (engineered to last several years)-Works with All DIRECTV receivers manufactured after 1994 (see below for more details)-Controls up to 4 devices at the same time and Contains over 10,000 codes for TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, AV Receivers/Surround Sound, TV/VCR Combos, TV/DVD Combos, DVRs, PVRs, Audio Systems and Amplifiers, and
    955d Universal Remote Control Replacement Kit Manual
    THE CIMPLE CO, A Family Company located in the USA, is proud to offer this remote control for DIRECTV (now ATT) systems. This remote control is high quality, and works with every DTV/ATT receiver manufactured from 1994 until today, including the most common models: Hughes Network Systems: GAEB0; Phillips: DSX5500, DSX5400, DSHD800R; RCA: DRD102RW, DRD203RW, DRD301RA, DRD302RA, DRD303RA, DRD403RA, DRD703RA, DRD440RE, DRD460RE, DRD480RE, DRD430RG, DTC-100, DTC-210; Samsung: SIR-S4040R, SIR-S4080R, SIR-S4120R, SIR-S60W, SIR-S70, SIRS75, SIR-S300W, SIR-TS360; Sony: SAT-W60, SAT-T60, SAT-HD100, 200, 300; Toshiba: DST-3000, DST-3100, DW65X91; DIRECTV: D10, D11, D12, R16, H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, H25, H44, HR20, HR21, HR22,

    • UPC: 440679445
    • Model: CMP-DTV-RMT-RC73
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 4.5

  • How to: Installing a Universal Garage Door Opener Receiver

    955d Universal Remote Control Replacement Kit Manual
    Watch me install and test the Genie GIRUD-1T Dual Frequency Conversion Kit Link to this item: Genie Universal Dual Frequency Conversion Kit – Eliminates Frequency Interference and Upgrades Garage ...
    Universal Garage Door Opener Receiver,Genie,GIRUD-1T

    How To Make Any Garage Door Open With A Remote Or Universal Remote

    955d Universal Remote Control Replacement Kit Manual
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    how to install a garage door,universal garage door opener,installing garage door opener for older...

    Installing the Liftmaster 365LM Universal Radio Control for Garage Door Openers

    955d Universal Remote Control Replacement Kit Manual
    Welcome to my 300th video! I gave up on the Liftmaster 61LM remote and installed a universal radio control using a different frequency. The Liftmaster 365LM operates on 315 MHz and using code tech...
    YouTube Editor,davidgpo,gpodavid,liftmaster,chamberlain,sears,craftsman,365LM,radio control,unive...