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  • Weignad Mini 14 Ranch Rifle, Mini 30, Pc-40, Pc-9, Carbine and Deerfield Scope Mount, Picatinny - Black, Fast shipping,Brand Westland Giftware

    Fits the following Rifles: RUGER Mini 14 Ranch Rifle, Deerfield, Mini 30, PC-40, PC-9, CarbinePicatinny
    30 Carbine Rifle For Sale In India
    Mini-14 Ranch-Increase your scope options when you install this lightweight, Picatinny-style rail on your Mini-14 Ranch Rifle. Lets you mount mini or short- length scopes as well as Tasco PDP4 or Aimpoint red dots without permanent modifications or Gunsmithing. Keeps the scope low over the centerline of the receiver to maintain optimum eye and scope alignment. Multiple cross slots allow adjustment for maximum eye relief. Accepts all Picatinny -style rings and accessories. 5" long, silver or Black, matte anodized finish, weighs 2.6 ounces All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated.If you are interested in

    • UPC: 402415232

  • Special Price & Unboxing - Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine Rifle - .30 Caliber

    30 Carbine Rifle For Sale In India

    U S M-1 Carbine 30 Caliber Review

    30 Carbine Rifle For Sale In India
    Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The M-1 Carbine .30 Caliber, Designed right before WWII and issued to U.S. Troops all the way through Vietnam. Made to be an intermediate caliber for rear echelon units t...
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    .30 Carbine for Home Defense

    30 Carbine Rifle For Sale In India
    http://www.elevateddefense.com This is a video with a Auto Ordinance .30 Carbine in a Paratrooper model. This set up has a top rail with a red dot and a single point sling. A barrel mount for a ...